First UK Fish Of The Year

A tale of a short, and very wet, UK carp fishing session from Rob Inns…. Being a father of 2 youngsters I tend to hang my rods up for 2 weeks each year over the Christmas period. The down side of this is that when it comes to catching the first fish of the New […]

When The Going Gets Tough…

Rob Inns talks about those difficult winter carp fishing sessions and how he spotted an opportunity to improve his catch rate at Villefond this winter… Hi guys it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the blog so do forgive me if I’m a bit rusty. I wanted to write a small piece on those tough sessions […]

The History Behind…. Villefond’s ‘Slate Grey’

With the capture of Slate Grey last week I have decided to delve into my archives once again to give you a little bit of history on this mighty old warrior.  Slate Grey got her name quite obviously from her grey colour which coupled with her massive size makes her an easily recognisable fish. Another […]

The History Behind… Villefond’s Latest 50lb Carp

Here at Villefond we keep a photographic record of each fish capture reported to us by the anglers fishing the lake. This is done so that we can track the progress of each fish regarding weight gains (which are phenomenal) and so on. Anyone interested can take a look at these photographic records via our […]

Fresh Water Predators – Pike

I ended November on a real high with the capture of my monster Perch, so I decided to switch my attention to Pike sooner than I had originally planned. With Christmas getting ever closer and two very excited kids at home getting time on the bank through December was never going to be easy, but I […]

Fresh Water Predators – Perch

Winter Plans This winter I will be predominantly trying to catch some big specimen sized UK predatory fresh water fish. I will be using a variety of methods depending on what I am targeting but where possible I will be trying to catch the fish on lures and spinners. My personal favourite is the Perch […]

Monster Wels Catfish

Fishing for the monster Wels catfish of the river Ebro is something I have always wanted to do, so when I got the chance I grabbed it with both hands. My anticipation was at an all-time high and I was desperate to get started, I had set myself the rather ambitious target of catching a […]

River Carp Fishing Tips, Pt 2 – Challenges

Rob Inns follows on from his river carping introduction with part two of his ‘River Carp Fishing Tips’, covering the challenges facing this type of angling… Challenges To start part 2 of my river carp fishing tips, I want to highlight some of the challenges you will inevitably face when river carping and offer advice […]

River Carp Fishing Tips, Part 1 – Where To Begin

Rob Inns delivers part one of his ‘River Carp Fishing Tips’ series… One element of carp fishing I have found myself increasingly involved in in recent years is river carp fishing. I think what attracts me to river carp is their wild and nomadic life style. But their ability to travel where ever they wish, […]

A Cold Day On Villefond by Rob Inns

Rob Inns braved the chilly weather this spring and it sure did pay off! If you’re considering a late or early season trip, have a read below… In March 2012 I was lucky enough to be invited to Lac Du Villefond for the filming of the Angling Lines venue video. It turned out to be […]