Float Fishing For Carp Is For Tiddlers, Isn’t It?

Every now and then the going gets tough you need to rethink your strategy or even just take a break and rest your swim. Sometimes when nothing else is working I return to one of my first loves, float fishing.   Often improvising with what I can find in my tackle box; my set up is […]

Do French carp feed off the surface?

Simon Rooney wrote:   Could you please find out for me if the fish at Hideaway feed off the surface as I have found out that some lakes in France don’t.    Hi Simon, Generally speaking peole have the impression that carp don’t take of the surface in France. This is of course rubbish. However this […]

Surface fishing for carp

How can you really get the best carp fishing results when things really hot up? How many anglers have not yet savored the joy of summer carp fishing and all the great opportunities and experiences of great catches, that summer brings? Why miss out on the action! Surface fishing is possibly your favorite method of […]