8 Simple On The Bank Cooking Tips

8 very simple but effective tips for cooking for yourself whilst on a carp fishing trip, including some invaluable items you’d be silly to leave without! 1. For safety use a cooker that is low to the ground so you can’t knock it over and never cook in you bivvy. 2. The best fuel to cook […]

Cooking and Brewing for Free!

Sometimes you simply have to see something used before you can truly appreciate just how wonderful they are. For years I sold Kelly Kettles in the shop I worked in and never did I really appreciate just how proficient and effective they are. Yes, I knew how they worked but to me like so many […]

Eating at a restaurant in France can catch you more carp!

I think most carpers will agree cooking on the bank is a pain in the proverbial… It’s bad enough, if you can’t get your car to the peg, just walking your gear round, without dealing with bags of tins, pasta & water, stoves, pans, plates, etc.. For those who have been carping a while and […]

Carp fishing cuisine – my top 5 bank side recipes

  Bankside food while carp fishing needs to be tasty, but quick and easy to prepare. So aside the fry up what can you eat? The main problem you get cooking on the bank is lack of space and only one or at the most two cooker rings. I’ve used a Coleman double burner in […]

Cooking on the bank; fed up of wobbly stoves? Read on!

Every once in a while someone comes along with a simple yet really useful product, where you think… “Hey! That’s neat… why has no one come up with that before?” Well the Steady Rig from Rig Innovations is just such a product. I met these guys out on the bank carp fishing in France a […]