Our Top 15 French Carp Fishing Photos of 2016

  We have rounded up our favourite carp fishing images from 2016, big thanks to all anglers for sending them through to us.   1.  Tom Robson and Rowan Charnock visited Old Oaks back in February, here is what they had to say… “For anyone looking for their first 40lb or even 50lb fish I […]

Brocard Small Receives 50 Carp

  The Brocard Lakes are netted annually, where many silverfish, zander and roach are removed. The carp are passed back over the net and returned to the lake. This year also saw the addition of many new carp, all spawned and grown on by the lake’s owners. Here’s bailiff Mark with more information… All netting […]

Jonchery Video And Photos From Netting

  A short aerial video of Jonchery during the drain down and netting this November and also photos from the stock check including a cracking shot of the big ghost carp on many anglers ‘wanted’ list! 30 acre Jonchery is drained and netted each year, small roach and zander are removed and the carp stock safely […]

The Brie Carp You’ll Want On Your Hitlist

  Fifteen-acre carp lake Brie is well loved for two reasons – it’s unbeatable setting and the stunning carp that it holds. Here’s our pick of the residents you’ll want to set your sights on… The lake has been carefully and selectively stocked over the years with carp bred by the lake’s owners, the Bachelier […]

Want a 50lb+ Common? Here’s Where To Find Them

Big common carp are fewer and further between in comparison to their mirror counterparts. They’re also most anglers prized captures as the sheer length of a common carp in excess of 50lb is something quite special. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites from Angling Lines venues…   1. Caught at Villefond, May ’16 Villefond […]

Stunning Carp Passed over Jonchery’s Net

Just a few photos from the netting today, which saw carp to over 60lb and a fantastic day all round. Small roach and zander were removed and the carp stock safely passed back over the net. Find out more about Jonchery here – Carp Fishing in France

Laroussi’s On A Roll!

Laroussi has been fishing it’s head off recently, with some truly incredible carp captures. Here’s lake owner Mehdi with the latest news… It has been very hot at Laroussi early july with record temps up to 38°C. We used to think that hot weather is not ideal for catching fish but here’s a good example why we are […]

An Update on Villefond

After a slow start to the year, Villefond has come bouncing back with some really great carp out on the bank. Earlier this month we had a new lake record at 59lb and now a great feedback report from Danny Parkins group; Holiday date: Sat 27th Sep to Sat 4th Oct 2014 Name of customer: […]

The Magnificent Long Common

Huge congratulations to Stuart Lemon, who landed the Long Common from Old Oaks, at a whopping 62lb… Old Oaks is a 34 year old virgin gravel pit of around 5 acres, around 3 hours from Caen. It had never been fished before 2006, being left wild and undisturbed since it was dug. A delightfully pretty […]

The Long Common at 62lb!

After many many big fish caught so far this year at Old Oaks, here’s the cherry on the cake. Bryan Baker did it! He finally banked the mighty ” Long common” at a new max weight 62lb10oz! Why is she called the “Long common”? Because she measures 1.20m long! Bryan wrote : It was taken on […]

Quality Fishing & Cracking Pictures from Boux

Gary Western had a prolific week at Boux – the lake that famously gave Tim Paisley his first 50lb’er years ago – this month, culminating in setting the new lake record at 54lb 10oz. Quality fishing & cracking pictures too, nice one Gary! ‘Just some photos for you and for your records from our trip […]

The Latest Captures at Brie

Two of the best looking carp we’ve seen in a while! We’re still awaiting the full feedback report from last week’s anglers at Brie but in the mean time Paul, bailiff at Brie, sent us these two pictures of carp caught from the venue last week. Set in a Nature Reserve, 15 acre Brie is booked […]

#ThrowbackThursday – Rainbow Lake, 1998

August 1998, Rainbow Lake – Angling Lines boss David and (a much younger!) yours truly with a 45lb 12oz beauty. We were lead to Rainbow after seeing Lac du Causse the year before, on our return in 1998 we discovered the Lac du Causse carp had been relocated to Lac du Curton (better known as Rainbow […]

Young Carp at Jonchery

During the netting of Jonchery carp lake this November, we took the chance to see some of the young carp that fish farmers Pisciculture Bachelier produce up close. It was great to see how the big beautiful scaley mirrors that Jonchery is known for start off. These fish are removed from the lake each year […]

Boux Catch Report

Tom and Jake Carling, along with friends Simon Dew and Jack Bonner fished Boux for a week this month, coming away with some stunners… Details of your catches: 12 fish to 45lb 10 oz. 10 mirrors, 2 commons. Your best tactics/bait/rigs: 9 of the 12 fish were caught fishing from the right hand side of the wooded […]

A Round-Up of Koi

We often see photos popping up from our venues of some stunning Koi, here’s a round up of the best we’ve seen so far…

One Day and Three Record Commons

The fishing has well and truly warmed up along with the weather at both Laroussi and Old Oaks. The 3 biggest resident commons at the lakes have been caught… and all in the same day! The ‘Long Common’ at 59lb and the ‘Pizza Common’ at 52lb in Old Oaks and a 50lb 2oz in Laroussi. Will […]

Fine Specimens at Boux

Gary Western has kindly sent us these top-notch pictures from his trip to Boux last week, it’s certainly fishing well coming in to summer!  The 14 acre carp lake is situated on the eastern edge of the stunning Morvan Regional Nature Park, sitting in a valley with rolling fields to one side and dense woodland […]

Contender for Photo of the Month

What a cracking photo! We received this from Curtis Todd, who fished Old Oaks recently and caught this big scaled mirror at 44lb 6oz. For more information, photo’s, feedback and articles on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp France