What Lead Should I Use when Carp Fishing?

Paul Cooper passes on his knowledge of different leads to use when carp fishing and what he believes are the best situations to use them for. What is the importance of using the right lead and size of lead in certain angling situations? In my opinion, selecting the right lead can mean success or failure […]

What Size Lead for Maximum Casting Range?

Question:   Hi Shaun, .I’ve currently got the Freespirit XS rods. I’m fishing a lake at present which involves a fair chuck. What weight lead can I get away with? Cheers, Lee Nichols Shaun Answered:  Hi Lee, . I found 3 1/2′s went best for me on my X.S. but I did occasionaly use 4oz in big side […]

Use solid PVA bags for long range carp fishing.

by Ian Gemson Solid PVA bags are excellent for getting a wide verity of baits and liquids out into the swim with your hook bait. However, when fishing at range, PVA bags can be problematic. The first problem is making a solid bag tight and aerodynamic such that it flies straight and true. The second […]