April Session Video at La Fonte

Here’s the video diary from Paul Cooper & Jim Kelly’s visit to La Fonte this April, a well established carp lake in the Perche region of France. This 7 acre lake is ideal for up to 5/6 anglers and can best be described as a runs water! Just 1hr 40 drive from Caen and 3hr 40 […]

Hauling at La Fonte

 We asked Jim Kelly and Paul Cooper to travel out to 7 acre La Fonte, in the Normandy region of France. Here’s what they found… La Fonte is situated in a wooded stream valley. It is very picturesque, with tree lined banks and a multiplicity of birdlife. The dawn chorus is particularly spectacular and sets […]

Winter Carping – 4 Great Tips to Put More Fish on the Bank

Jim Kelly fills us in on the first things he looks for when winter carping… I wrote this article some years ago, but my recent post regarding what makes a good bait has bought up the topic of winter carping, so here goes. Winter carping can be one of the most sole destroying pastimes imaginable. […]

How To Make Your Own Carp Fishing Leads

Ever thought about making your own leads? In the long term it could save you quite a bit of cash. One of our field testers, Jim Kelly, shows you how in the following two videos… Part 1 – What you’ll need and how to mould your leads… Part 2 – How to coat the leads… […]

Which Lake? The Field Tester’s Role

Jim Kelly explains common issues when field-testing completely unknown lakes, and why the majority don’t make it on to the Angling Lines books… Why Are Some Chosen And Some Not? The Selection Process Angling Lines has a fine portfolio of lakes catering for the needs of most carp anglers, but how did the list evolve?  Is […]

Brocard Small, It isn’t

Four of our field testers took over the Brocard complex for a week last month. Jim Kelly spent the week camped on Brocard Small, you can read his report below. Brocard Small isn’t, at 29 acres, that small. It is a fairly large lake and with just 4 swims there is plenty of water to […]

Too Much Bait Left in Swim – What Would You Do?

Readers Question; ‘If you arrived at a lake and found that the previous anglers, for whatever reason, had either dumped lots of particle because they had it left over, or just used an enormous amount of pellet or particle as their tactics – what would you do?’ Jim Kelly replies; It is always difficult to […]

Boux carp lake – an update

Jim Kelly with a fine 31lb Boux common Paul Cooper and I had a week booked on Boux during the end of October. It was to be my first trip to the venue; Paul had fished it on two previous occasions. On arriving at the lake I was not disappointed as it is situated in […]

Sumptuous Sapphire – a carp fishing trip to remember

Looking towards the shallow end from the dam Sapphire is a beautiful, natural, rich lake, of around 20 acres set in the heart of rural France. Several parties had found the lake difficult and I must admit to having some reservations about fishing it. However, the lake looked such a gem (Sapphire!) I decided to […]

Advantages of night only carp fishing in France

I go to France with my family several times per year. To keep them sweet I don’t fish during the day, but go out sight seeing, shopping, markets, swimming lakes etc. At first I thought this would be a disadvantage, but actually my results have improved. If the water is easy I just fish evening […]