Great Carp Fishing Photos

A few weeks back we published some fabulous photos sent in by Margot anglers.  The subject matter was not important… they are just great photos Well, here’s one more.  This was taken by Ron Key & the camera used was SLR Canon EOS 40d with a Canon EF17-40mm f/4L. Do you have any carpy photos you’re […]

How to take great carp trophy photos

Great photo of Paul Cooper with a Molyneux mirror A really useful article from Andrew at Molyneux; After all the time and effort we anglers put in to catching carp I do find the quality of some of the trophy shots surprising, after all it’s all we have to remember the capture of a personal […]

Shoot better carp fishing videos

Like so many things these days the advances in technology have meant that top quality video even high definition is accessible to everyone, not just professional television crews, as was the case just a decade ago. The latest range of DV and HDV cameras are just mind-blowingly good. But have a good camera doesn’t turn […]

Carp fishing – take better photos

As a follow on article to my post on ‘Making Fishing Videos’, I thought I’d look at the close links there seem to be between Fishing and photography. I know a number of anglers who are accomplished photographers. Nearly all the guys who contribute regularly to the Angling Press are good shooters. You need to illustrate […]

Making angling videos

I read to a recent Opinion Piece – by Jeff Woodhouse on Making Angling Videos posted on the Fishing Magic website, commenting on the poor quality and low standard of angling videos on the market. As a photographer/cameraman the subject is naturally of interest to me. Jeff writes:(…..why should we put up with this sort […]