The Inside Information – Picking Your Swim

When we decided to buy a lake in France and I began the process – stocking, clearing brambles, building swims and facilities etc – the benefits of being fishery manager seemed obvious. Spending a lot of time on the bank of beautiful Villefond with idyllic surroundings and all the fishing potential. As the lake grew […]

The Session of a Lifetime at Villefond

A simply incredible 24hrs of carp fishing on Villefond lake. A run of huge carp for lake owner Mark which saw 50’s, 60’s and an 80lber on the bank. Watch the full session video below. The most unbelievably lucky 24 hours of fishing. That’s the best way I can start to describe what just happened […]

Capturing Another Villefond 50lb Carp

  Fishery manager Mark Lambert fills us in on the latest news from big carp water Villefond… 2016 has been a great year for Lac du Villefond, producing lots of big fish and increasing our lake record to 65lb+. Lots of new carp breaking the 50lb+ barrier for the first time, one of which is […]

Finding The Right Combination To Catch Big French Carp

Mark Lambert explains how he found the right combination to catch carp on a very tough week out in France recently…   Recently in mid August I had an opportunity to spend nearly a full week fishing Lac Du Villefond. This is a hard lake with some very large fish and August on any lake is one of the hardest […]

Why Carp Fishing?

January 2015 and the weather is almost not stop rain. With an average day time temperature of about 5 degrees & accompanied by strong winds I go to my barn to start making bait in preparation for my next fishing trip.  The preparation going into just a couple of nights fishing is vast, I must […]

Villefonds New Lake Record

Arnold, our biggest resident male at Villefond and one of the top 3 biggest fish in the lake has finally been caught again and has now broken the lake record at a massive 57lb 4oz!! Not only that but on the same week to the same angler two more different 50’s were landed!  Have a […]

Mark Lambert’s Winter Carp Campaign – Pt 3

In this video series Mark details his winter carp fishing campaign at Villefond. This week Mark catches a previously unknown 54lb carp. Find out the tactics employed on this mature big fish water right from the person that knows it best. If you missed part 1 & 2, you can find them here. For more information on […]

How-To… Handle Big Carp

Here’s your step-by-step guide to handling big carp. Originally written by Mark Lambert for anglers fishing Villefond, it’s worth a read if you’re targeting those french carp.  Firstly don’t panic, once the fish is hooked it shouldn’t come off so relax and play the fish. Very large carp won’t be bullied, you will just end […]

Villefond’s Top 5 Carp

It has been a real pleasure to watch Villefonds fish grow into some real monsters and it has been discussed for a long time about which fish are going to be the next biggest caught so I decided to compile a new list detailing the top 5 to date, as of February  2014. Our lake’s […]

Winter Carp Campaign at Villefond – Part 2

In this video series Mark details his 2013 winter carp fishing campaign at Lac Du Villefond. Find out the tactics employed on this mature big fish water right from the person that knows it best. If you missed part 1, you can watch it here. For more information on Villefond follow the link – Carp Fishing in […]

Winter Carp Campaign at Villefond – Part 1

In this video series Mark details his 2013 winter fishing campaign at Lac Du Villefond. Find out the tactics employed on this mature big fish water right from the person that knows it best. For more information on Villefond follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

Maximising Your Catch at Villefond

I have decided to write a piece to try and help people to get the best of their week fishing our lake, Villefond. As the fish grow on in leaps and bounds and with the lake average now pushing over 40lb the carp are becoming ever more wise and wary. I have explained in previous […]

Fishing Villefond

A couple of days fishing at Villefond for fisheries manager Mark Lambert saw a few nice carp on the Bank, all falling to the house bait… To view more videos from Villefond follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

Winter Review (December & January) of Villefond Carp Lake

Arthur at 55.04 Winter Review Lake Manager Mark Lambert has taken full advantage of the quiet winter period here at Villefond to test out the new tweaks and flavours made in the house bait range which includes the new plum nut bait which has already had great results. Fishing just short sessions through out the […]

55lb Common Carp is the New Villefond Record

Lac Du Villefond‘s Arthur at a Massive 55lb 4oz caught by Mark Lambert on 30/01/2013.  Mark used a 16mm pop up on a size 8 curve shank hook over a bed of 16mm venue sold boilies. You can read the story here. Carp Fishing in France at Villefond

Winter Carp Fishing in France

The Long Two Tone at 47.12 24hrs at Lac Du Villefond, 7/11/12  by fisheries manager, Mark Lambert Wednesday the 7th of November 2012 was the start of my 24 hour session on my lake Villefond . I had my tent set up from a previous session the week before so after a quick setup of […]

A Weeks Carp Fishing at Villefond (July ’12)

Mark Lambert recently spent a week fishing his own venue, Villefond, and recorded it in this short video clip.  We see carp to 40lb+ and Dan the catfish makes an appearance at 75lb.   Superb fishing! Carp fishing in France at Villefond

Talking Carp Tactics with Mark Lambert of Villefond

Here’s a new feature we’re going to run… interviews with our owners.  This week it’s Mark Lambert from Villefond; 1.  What are the 5 main features you look for in selecting a swim; 1. When selecting my swim I always wait until I arrive at the lake as pictures and maps can never really give […]

24hrs winter carping at Villefond

A winter caught 40 from Villefond January 11th saw myself (Mark Lambert Villefond fishery manager) and a friend get a chance to fish on Villefond for a quick 24hr session. I had been feeding the fish on our brilliant new range of boillies all winter and knew from previous catch reports the fish loved it […]

How to get the best return from a carp session at Villefond

Based on my own fishing & observing guest anglers anglers here at Villefond the first thing I would say is it’s not an overly hard water and most tactics work. From experienced anglers, to some who would admit freely themselves they are not experts, have all done well!  There are a few tips that seem […]