A Quick UK Carp Session

Here’s a quick update from blogger Steve Bedford on his preparation for the first eliminator of the UK Carp Cup… Over the past couple of months I’ve been spending some time getting ready for the UK Carp Cup and trying out a few different things. On 13th of June I will be taking part in […]

Carping Basics – Areas To Fish To & Weed Types

Steve Bedford goes through the basics of carp behaviour, areas to fish to and different weed types… Carp naturally prefer slow moving rivers, streams, canals and still waters. You’ll often find that carp in still waters tend to grow bigger and have deeper bodies than those in moving waters and carp in rivers often grow […]

A Short Breakdown of the Different Carp Species

  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “Carp Angler”, often followed by photos of 20, 30, 40+ pound fish, but has anyone actually considered what defines a carp angler? Is it someone who only targets big commons, mirrors and leathers? Or can the phrase be used in a wider sense? This mini series […]

How-To… Supple Hair Fluorocarbon Rig

My next rig is one that Neil Spooner from Korda showed me at the Northern Angling Show, I told him that I need a rig to use at Bradshaw Fishery as an alternative to the D-Rig, since all braid is banned there rigs such as the D-Rig can’t be used. He told me this is […]

How-To… The Combi-Rig

Following on from the D-Rig last week, my next rig is one that I have used for a while and is my second choice of rigs when out on the bank, the rig in question is the Combi-Rig. To tie this rig you will need Curve Shank hooks, Fluorocarbon hook length, rig rings, uncoated soft […]

How-To… The D-Rig

While I have a bit of down time I thought I’d refill my rig box and what better way to start than with my 2 favourite rigs and a new rig which was shown to me by Neil Spooner from Korda at the Northern Angling show. I used to buy readymade rigs from time to […]

A Visit To The Northern Angling Show

One thing I love doing when I have the time is heading to one of the many angling shows that are on this time of year. This year I went to the Northern Angling Show at Event City in Manchester. This is the second year its happened but only the first time I’ve been, previous […]

A Day’s Winter Carping

As this is my first blog for Angling Lines I thought I’d start with a bit about me and my fishing background. I, Steve Bedford, started fishing aged 5 when my dad would take me fishing off the pier at the town of Donaghadee; we never caught anything but I really enjoyed it and from […]