Grass Carp Spawning

Went down to see how our anglers were getting on yesterday afternoon and had the pleasure of watching Bill bring a stunning Grass Carp in to the bank. Bill had said at the start of the week that he’d never caught one before and would really love to hook into one of our Grassies. Your […]

My first trip to France… any advice or tips?

Molyneux is famous for its large Grass carp Phil asks; I’m going to Molyneux for a week for the first time at the end of March.  Any advice on bait, hook lengths, pegs location, or things to take and watch out for.  Will the weather be a problem?  Any assistance greatly appreciated. . Roy Fulton […]

Record Grass Carp from Molyneux

38lb 8oz Gary Webb, whilst on work experience from Hadlow colledge, managed to fit in a few nights fishing and caught new lake record Grass carp of 38lb 8oz at Molyneux. The huge grassy was caught from peg 12 on Baitcraft T1 fished over a large bed of T1’s, maize and hemp.

How do I catch Grass Carp?

Philip Parker wrote: I will be tackling a venue that contains a good head of large grass carp. The lake itself is quite shallow 3′-4′ and around nine acres in size. Can anyone offer some advice on trying to catch them. Of all the fish I’ve caught this one has eluded me. Surface baits are […]