RV-2 Oztent – Carp Fishing Tackle Review

I have been looking for the ideal bivvy/tent to take on my trips to France for years now and I think I may have found it at last!  I have owned and tried many different bivvy’s but whilst they have had their good points, they have all been missing something that would make my trips […]

Duncan’s Week at Bletiere

My first trip to France in 2014 and I headed to one of my favourite Angling Lines venues; Bletiere, a lovely little 2 ½ acre lake located just to the east of Le Mans.  This account I hope will give you a few insights which may entice you to spend a week there, and if […]

Moontime Carp – Part 3, Long Sessions

In the final part of this series (you can find part 1 & 2 here), I reveal how I use Moonphases and Moontimes information to increase my catch rates when I go holiday fishing to France.  Prior to booking Before I think about venue selection and contacting Angling Lines, I will look at the Moonphases […]

Moontime Carp – Part 2, A Short Session Approach

In part 1, I outlined the basics and summarised the effects the moon plays on carp behaviour and their feeding.  Now I get to the heart of the matter and reveal the practical details and specifics on how I apply this knowledge to my carp fishing and improve my catch rates. Preparation I, like the […]

Moontime Carp – Part 1

After more than a decade of testing the theory and keeping detailed records, I’m convinced you can improve your catch success by being aware of how the moon affects carp behaviour and their feeding. Have you ever wondered why you can sit by your rods for hours on end with your indicators seemingly “glued” to […]

How to Catch Carp 3 – Baiting Tactics

Following his hugely popular video on slack lines and running rigs, Duncan de Gruchy is back with a follow up.  This time Duncan reveals his baiting tactics. If you have missed ‘How to Catch Carp in France 1 and 2’ you can go straight to them here: Part 1 – Slack Lines and Running Rigs […]

Fish Care out of the Water

Duncan De Gruchy talks us through the new Monster Carp Cradles provided at Bletiere and tips on fish care once your catch is on the bank. For more videos from Bletiere click here.

Bletiere – A Spring Time Approach

It’s that tim­­­­­­­e of year again when we start dreaming of our summer holidays in France.  The days are starting to draw out and it’s time to start dusting down the rods and think about planning our trips.  I have been to La Bletiere four times over the last four years and have booked a […]

How to catch carp 1 – slack lines and running rigs

During a week of day sessions here at Oakview, Duncan de Gruchy had 20 indications, 20 carp runs and 20 carp including a new lake record. In this video he reveals his secrets. Many thanks Duncan, top angling! Carp fishing in France with accommodation at Oakview