New 50lb Common Carp for Old Oaks

The second largest common in Old Oaks has just come out at a new record weight of 53lb 9oz !

This fish was caught a month ago at 48lb so it’s really been on the munch!  Makes you wonder what the weight of the long common, caught the last time at 61lb 4oz, will be when it next comes out.

Here’s the comments from the captor, Bruno Medou ( Korda France);

“It’s been a while since I last visited my friend Mehdi so I was happy to come to fish Old Oaks.

I selected peg n°5 cos it seems to be the deepest in the lake & I thought the carp might prefer that sort of depth at this time of the year.  It’s a great month for heavy carp because they pack on weight before the winter.

On the first night many big carp crashed all over my swim but no action on my rods.  On the second morning I had a slow drop back… fish on!

After an amazing fight I landed the second biggest Old Oaks common at a new record weight of 53lb 9oz – a new fifty for the lake.

I was well chuffed, the fish is a beauty!”

Old Oaks for Carp France


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