How to Avoid & Combat Poisson Chat

We’re resurrecting a few of our old question & answer posts as they’re still very applicable today! Here’s a great one on how to avoid & combat poisson chat. Poisson chat are very common in many French lakes, but with a few tips and tricks you can minimise any disturbance they have on your carp […]

70lb Barrier Broken at Old Oaks

We’ve been waiting with baited breath this year for Old Oaks to produce its first 70lb+ carp, with the long common teetering on the edge for some time now. Last week saw Gary Mardle bank this huge carp at 71lb. We’re absolutely over the moon for angler Gary and also lake owner Mehdi, who stocked […]

Under Pressure

With over 40 premier French carp fishing destinations under management, Angling Lines is your ‘fast track’ to your next PB. But, with visiting angler numbers on the rise, the resident carp are wising up. How can you, as a holiday angler, stack the odds in your favour? Once upon a time, France was regarded as […]

Bumper Week at Old Oaks Carp Lake

A trip to Old Oaks results in 28 carp for three anglers, topped off by the ‘Long Common’. Here’s Darren Garrett’s review of his third visit to this incredible carp lake… Holiday date: Sat 17th Sep to Sat 24th Sep 2016 Name of customer: Darren Garrett Number of anglers: 3 Details of your catches: Peg 4 – Glen Mirror Carp […]

Lake Record Mirror Carp at Old Oaks

Here’s Mark with a new lake record mirror out of Old Oaks – 58lb 14oz! Congratulations. You can read the group’s feedback below… Holiday date: Sat 25th Jun to Sat 2nd Jul 2016 Name of customer: Karen Royston Number of anglers: 4 Details of your catches: Mark -20lb Grass carp,1 twenty,2 thirties.5 forties and 58lb 14oz Mirror Kristina- […]

Winter Carp Fishing Video at Old Oaks

Tom Robson and Rowan Charnick had a very successful winter carp fishing session at Old Oaks this February. They had carp on the bank to 55b including 2 x 50s, 10 x 40s, 6 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 1 x 10. An impressive average weight of 39.8lb. For more information on Old Oaks follow […]

Video Diary Culminates In 3 x 50’s In Last 24hrs

A fantastic session diary from Tom Robson of On The Bank Live, filmed over a week at Old Oaks in October 2015. The week included 4 x 50s, 8 x 40s, 9 x 30s and 1 x 10, with an average weight of 41.8lb. For more information on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp France 

Fox Film ‘Edges’ DVD at Old Oaks

This April Old Oaks welcomed FOX international for a week to film their hugely popular ‘Edges’ DVD. Lewis Porter, Harry Charrington and Scott Day were not disappointed with some absolutely stunning fish on the bank including an incredible 53lb 13oz common. Watch the session below… For more information on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp France 

An Incredible Average Weight at Old Oaks

The average weight now at Old Oaks is seriously impressive, with last weeks anglers landing more carp over 40lb than below. See their feedback here… Holiday date: Sat 22nd Aug to Sat 29th Aug 2015 Name of customer: David Dyson Number of anglers: 5 Details of your catches:  Dave – 1 x 15lb grass carp, 5 x 30lb+ to 36lb, 2 […]

The Long Common Hits 65lb

Here is the new Old Oaks lake record caught this morning by Terry Morewood. Terry’s previous PB was 32lb. He had this week 20lber, 30lber, 3 x 40lber up to 49lb 14oz, 2 x 50lb up to 53lb, 1 x 60lber at 65lb 2oz (the Long Common). Terry said earlier this week, my target of the […]

A New Addition at Old Oaks

Old Oaks owner Mehdi has just introduced a new catfish at Old Oaks. Here’s a note from Mehdi; It ‘s a very dark specimen weighing 55lb and measuring over 5 feet long. Also, after spending days and days in the cold water, we finally removed all the snags off the water! It was a tough […]

The Magnificent Long Common

Huge congratulations to Stuart Lemon, who landed the Long Common from Old Oaks, at a whopping 62lb… Old Oaks is a 34 year old virgin gravel pit of around 5 acres, around 3 hours from Caen. It had never been fished before 2006, being left wild and undisturbed since it was dug. A delightfully pretty […]

Old Oaks – 5 years later…

It was good to be back on Old Oaks. Like us the fish were five years older, a bit wiser and a lot fatter… When we arrived at the lake after the drive through the lovely French countryside, it was good to see Mehdi again and even better to be back on Old Oaks.  Once […]