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3h 16m St Malo

Articles about Villefond

Capturing Another Villefond 50lb+
Jan 2017 by Mark Lambert

Fishery manager Mark Lambert fills us in on a 50lb+ capture on a very cold December session...

Catching a Villefond 60+ Carp
Jul 2016 by Mark Lambert

Here’s the account of a very special 60lb capture for Villefond Fisheries manager Mark Lambert…

Why Visit Villefond?
Jan 2016 by Mark Lambert

With such a choice of lakes available I thought as lake manager of Lac Du Villefond I would describe what makes our lake special.

Finding the Right Combination to Catch Big French Carp
Aug 2015 by Mark Lambert

Recently in mid August I had an opportunity to spend nearly a full week fishing Lac Du Villefond. This is a hard lake with some very large fish and August on any lake is one of the hardest times of year so I knew it would be testing.

Inside Information - Picking your swim
May 2014 by Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert explains how, as Villefond grew from an average lake into the big fish water we have today, an unforeseen perk of the job appeared.

A Little Gem
Apr 2014 by Chris Blunt

Chris Blunt was out fishing at Villefond last season with 3 friends, here’s his account of the busy week following…

Villefond's Big 5 Carp - The Updated List
Feb 2014 by Mark Lambert

It has been a real pleasure to watch Villefonds fish grow into some real monsters and Mark Lambert decided to compile a new list detailing the top 5 to date, as of February 2014.

Advice to Maximise Your Weeks Catch at Villefond
Jul 2013 by Mark Lambert

I have decided to write a piece to try and help people to get the best of their week fishing our lake. 

Monsters in the Shallow Bay
May 2013 by Mark Lambert

Lac Du Villefond has been fishing really well recently and with a gap in the bookings I decided to take the opportunity to spend some time catching the monsters that swim our waters. 

Capture of Arthur the Common at 55lb
Feb 2013 by Mark Lambert

It was the 28th of January and the weather was as you would expect for this time of year, wet, cold, and windy. 

24hrs at Lac Du Villefond, November '12
Nov 2012 by Mark Lambert

Wednesday the 7th of November 2012 was the start of my 24 hour session on my lake. I had my tent set up from a previous session the week before so after a quick setup of my rods I was fishing by about 10’oclock. 

Carp Rigs to Catch a Villefond Monster
Mar 2012 by Mark Lambert

Over the last few years since I first stocked Lac Du Villefond I have been witness to a lot of changes at the lake.

Carping Tips from Owner, Mark Lambert
Mar 2012 by Mark Lambert

When selecting my swim I always wait until I arrive at the lake as pictures and maps can never really give you an accurate picture...

Villefond's Big 5 Carp
Jan 2012 by Mark Lambert

It has been discussed for a long time which fish are going to be the next biggest caught so I decided to compile a list detailing the top 5 to date...

Under the spell of Villefond
Jul 2011 by Rob Allen

The day had finally come to our trip to Villefond, the weather at home was a lovely sunny day so it was looking good from the off!

Sick as a Parrott…
Apr 2011 by Damien Linney

Our trip to Villefond was to celebrate my good friend Andy’s 40th Birthday. The weather had improved showing a large increase in temperature in just a couple of weeks in both England and France. 

A magical first trip to France
Mar 2011 by Josh Bennett

Can you remember the first time you fished abroad? Maybe you haven’t been yet. Maybe you are thinking about going. Well my first time was just recently, the week of March 19-26th 2011. 

My Villefond Session
Oct 2010 by Steve Pickering

I drove through the gates to find an absolutely beautiful lake. It is a lake of around 8 acres with an island in the middle to break up the pressure from other anglers.

A nights fishing
Sep 2010 by James

I have been desperate to get out to France and Lac du Villefond this year and see my good friends Mark, John and Debbie Lambert 

The 30's bonanza
Aug 2010 by Paul Cooper

It is not often that I get the chance to fish a truly thirties water in France, when what it says on the label you get. This is Villefond.

A frustrating weekend rewarded
Jun 2010 by Mark Lambert

I'd set aside a weekend to finally get my lines wet. A group of fishermen had just left the lake a week ago with a bumper haul, including three 40lb'ers, so my enthusiasm had been re-ignited.

Bridget’s fact finding tour
Sep 2009 by Bridget Keep

We arrived at Villefond to be greeted by Mark Lambert, his father and their stunning akita dog. Their conversation shows they have clearly put much thought into setting up the ideal carping venue. 

Our trip to Villefond
Jul 2009 by Ron Key

The trip started well, I picked Paul up and we drove to Dover followed by lunch on a very smooth ferry crossing. The journey from Calais to Villefond was a relaxed jaunt on quiet motorways. 

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