The Brie Carp You’ll Want On Your Hitlist

  Fifteen-acre carp lake Brie is well loved for two reasons – it’s unbeatable setting and the stunning carp that it holds. Here’s our pick of the residents you’ll want to set your sights on… The lake has been carefully and selectively stocked over the years with carp bred by the lake’s owners, the Bachelier […]

Scale Perfect Commons at Brie

Here’s the latest feedback from Brie. The first week in March turned out to be extremely testing conditions for Ron Key and Dean Randle, who still managed some absolutely stunning carp by the end of the week… Holiday date: Sat 28th Feb to Sat 7th Mar 2015 Name of customer: Ron Key & Dean Randle Number of […]

Impressive Additions at Brie

We saw approx. 160 carp already residing in 15 acre Brie at the netting this year. This January however a further 30-40 carp have been added, and there’s some stunners! All the new additional fish were stocked at between 25lb and 45lb. These were sourced from La Horre North (one of the owner’s stock lakes that isn’t open for […]

Brie’s Beauties

Some really cracking looking carp are coming out of Brie this year. Here’s some of our favourites from last week and Shane Welch’s feedback to go with it… Holiday date: Sat 17th May to Sat 24th May 2014Name of customer: Shane WelchNumber of anglers: 3Details of your catches: What can we say about the week, well what a week it turned […]

Anglers Questions Answered – Brie’s Features

Paul Cooper answers an anglers questions regarding the swims and features of Brie, a 15 acre carp haven tucked away in the champagne region that is booked exclusively for up to 4 anglers… Last year I visited a number of lakes in France, all on test for Angling Lines, one of these was of course […]

The Latest Captures at Brie

Two of the best looking carp we’ve seen in a while! We’re still awaiting the full feedback report from last week’s anglers at Brie but in the mean time Paul, bailiff at Brie, sent us these two pictures of carp caught from the venue last week. Set in a Nature Reserve, 15 acre Brie is booked […]

Forties and a Fifty Stocked at Brie

The Bacheliers have been busy draining stock lakes all winter for a range of specimen. In the process they have held a number of carp from 30-60lbs in a stock lake to be re-homed within their carp fishing lakes this January. It’s Brie‘s turn today to receive some stunning target fish including 3 x forties, 1 […]

Inflight at Brie

As part of our Inflight series, here is an aerial flight over Brie, designed to give you a real taster of the lake’s layout and features.

A Lake in the Woods

It’s 5am on Saturday morning following a week’s fishing on Brie. The air is heavy and sticky and Jim gets a single bleep on his right hand rod. He’s out of his sleeping bag and standing by his rods, a second bleep and he is into the fish, a magnificent 43lb specimen. By the time […]

Introducing… Brie

Brie is a truly beautiful lake which was originally known as Etang au Bois (Lake in the Woods) and established as a carp fishery by well known carp angler Ron Woodward.    Ron was a well respected figure in the angling world but sadly passed away in 2012.  He discovered Brie and went on to set it up to his […]