8 Big French Carp Fishing Lakes For Large Groups

.Are you struggling to find a French carp lake that can accommodate a large group of anglers? Here’s our pick of the best big French carp fishing lakes that cater for 10-16 anglers, making it ideal for that annual social… 1. Blue Lake (up to 10 anglers) You can expect lots of action from hard fighting […]

Aerial Views of Brocard Large

Brother carp visited Brocard Large this summer and took some incredible aerial footage to give you a real feel for this 39-acre French carp fishing venue. Take a look!  Brocard Large is situated within picturesque woodlands in the Champagne region of France, created and run by the prominent fish farming Bachelier family. The complex consists of […]

New Additions at Brocard Large

After removing all the fish and water out of the large lake earlier this winter to enable us to remove the poisson chat, the lake is now full again and we have returned the carp and added some new stock too.

Pristine Carp at Brocard Large

We’ve received some fantastic photos from Andy Gilbert & Stewart Cliff’s fourth trip to Brocard Large this July. Here is the full catch report and our favourite captures from the week…

Brocard Large Video And Photos From Netting

  Here is a short aerial video of Brocard Large during the drain down and netting this November. We also managed to get some great photos as the carp were returned to the lake. 39 acre Brocard Large is drained and netted each year, small roach and zander are removed and the carp stock safely passed […]

Great Session on Brocard Large Carp Lake

A great session for Stewart Cliff and Andy Gilbert on Brocard Large, with 11 fish between them, made up of two forties, six thirties and two reasonable twenties. Here’s the rest of the feedback…. Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Popup rigs with a sweet pink hookbait seemed the most consistant, although tiger nuts landed a couple of fish. Were the […]

Winter Session Success at Brocard Large

Ross Hunter returns with an article on his session fishing Brocard Large, a 39 acre water that embodies everything a traditional French carp lake should be… Angling can be very hard at times, and at others very easy, seeming that you can’t put a foot wrong. Then at other times just impossible and no matter what you try, the species […]

Breaking Down Brocard Large

Hello fellow anglers, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to put fingers to keyboard and write anything carp related.  A recent trip to Brocard Large has re-invigorated me to blow the dust off the PC and hopefully blog about something of interest for you good readers. I won’t focus on my trip too much […]

50% Off at Jonchery & Brocard Large in March

Both Jonchery and Brocard Large have some space available this March so if you fancy nipping over the channel then take advantage of this offer for the weeks commencing 14th & 21st March. These two lakes have an excellent reputation for seriously good French carp fishing and are home to carp to well over 50lb. Last week […]

Video Of Netting At Brocard Large

Each year Brocard Large is drained and netted to remove small fish and check on the stocks. The scale patterns on many of the fish at Brocard Large really are something to be seen! Linears, fully scaled mirrors and big lean common carp all feature in the short video below… For more information on fishing at […]

A Session Diary at Brocard Large

A couple of days ago we featured an article on Brocard Large, written by Mike Linstead after his September session. Here’s a fantastic wee video diary he’s put together from that trip… Read Mike’s original article here Brocard: A French Adventure. You can also see more of his articles and videos on his website www.underthesurface.co.uk, well worth checking […]

Brocard: A French Adventure

Mike Linstead, owner of Under The Surface blog, reminisces on his summer trip to the rather impressive 39 acre Brocard Large. Well worth a read… Like most UK carp anglers I love fishing on the continent and targeting the big carp that are on offer in countries such as France and Spain. Having not fished abroad […]

Stocking Carp at the Bachelier Waters

The Bacheliers have been busy! Here’s our round-up of the nettings and stockings so far this winter…   The well respected Bachelier family own five of our venues – Jonchery, Jonchery #7, Brocard Small, Brocard Large and Brie. Whilst these venues are all unique in their own way, they also share something in common – the […]

Wading Out Baits at Brocard Large

A short video from Angling Lines blogger Andy Gilbert gives you an insight in to combatting the weed at Brocard Large… Fishing from swim 10 this month, Andy shows how he effectively wades his baits out to chosen spots. Well worth a watch if you’re heading out soon. To see more from Andy click here. […]

Brocard Large – I’ll be back!

Normally when travelling to France on a field test trip I write my article as soon as I return. It’s straight into my notes and then onto the PC to write and to download and pore over hundreds of photographs of the carp, swims and facilities.  This trip shouldn’t have been any different but I […]

Annual Netting at Brocard Large

Some of you may have seen our earlier post this week documenting the netting at Jonchery, here is part two where we watched the large watery expanse that is Brocard Large drain down… Around this time in France fish farmers are in full swing managing the nettings on their many lakes. It is because of […]

Nice And Easy Does It

Below is field tester Shaun Harrison’s review of last week’s trip to Brocard Large… The flames of a soothing fire are flickering away taking the slight chill away from what was an empty house last week. It is the first time I have had to light it this autumn but I guess I have finally […]