In pursuit of ‘le plus grand’

Gearing up for your next French PB carp… We all have our reasons for ‘crossing the pond’. For some it’s all about the ‘R&R’: first and foremost, a holiday; a break from the mundane; a precious chance to chill in the enchanting French countryside; either in blissful solitude or in a luxurious gite with family […]

VIDEO: A November Thirty Landed at Laroussi

Francis Bayliss lands a lovely 31lb carp during a trip to the famous French carp lake Laroussi in November. Pete Castle kindly filmed as the action unfolded… Over the last two decades Laroussi has established itself as one of the premiere big carp waters in France, containing carp to over 70lb. Want more info on […]

Two Superb 50lb+ Captures at Laroussi

Craig Lancashire’s group have again produced the goods at Laroussi, despite some difficult weather conditions. Here is there catch report from the week… Holiday date: Sat 8th Oct to Sat 15th Oct 2016 Name of customer: Craig Lancashire Number of anglers: 3 Details of your catches: Dave had 6 fish 2x 50s 1×40 2x30s and one double. I had 6 […]

2 x 70lb’ers and a new 68lb PB at Laroussi

We’ve seen some incredible fish out at Laroussi recently, here is owner Mehdi with an update… Weather has been up and down from early April to late May, we all know fishing results depend directly on weather conditions. In the last 2 months at Laroussi, about 250 fish were caught – some weeks at 20ish fish […]

Laroussi – Where Dreams Come True

Hi there, my name is John Allen and I am a “mature angler”, I was raised on Redmire Pool carp news (never been there, yet alone fished it). This was something I avidly read about through Angling times, when it was a massive newspaper, describing how the latest lump was caught on a worm, bread […]

Another 70lb’er for Laroussi

A 71lb mirror out at Laroussi yesterday. That’s a 70lb+ carp out every month for the last 3 months and we’ve only had a handful of anglers out there braving the weather! There is still 50% off between now and March 4th if you fancy getting in on the action. You can find out what […]

An Incredible Christmas Session for David

A Happy Christmas for David Wellard currently fishing Laroussi. He first experienced a successful few days on Old Oaks – in 48hrs David landed 9 carp including 5 forties and the fifty, Christmas day alone bringing him 2 of the forties and the fifty. He has now moved to the bigger Laroussi lake and been gifted an amazing […]

A New Video From Laroussi

Here’s our latest video from Laroussi. Filmed this September and featuring interviews with owner Mehdi Daho and well respected Laroussi regular Roy van Goor. Over the last 10 years Laroussi has established itself as one of the premiere big carp waters in France, containing carp to over 70lb. It’s a mature 15 acre gravel pit with […]

Huge 70lb+ Mirror Carp Landed at Laroussi

What a start to November, Congratulations to Michael Sharp! Last week, after a slow and heavy fight, landed a big mirror weighing 70lb5oz at Laroussi. Very nice dark winter colours and in great condition. Top angling! For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

Laroussi Article in Karperwereld

Laroussi regular Roy van Goor has just returned from a session on the lake this September. Despite a slow week, one very memorable mirror carp made it a trip to remember for Roy. It’s well worth having a read of the article he has written for Karperwereld below. Read the article here – Babe of the Lake… Luck Factor 2.0  

Laroussi’s On A Roll!

Laroussi has been fishing it’s head off recently, with some truly incredible carp captures. Here’s lake owner Mehdi with the latest news… It has been very hot at Laroussi early july with record temps up to 38°C. We used to think that hot weather is not ideal for catching fish but here’s a good example why we are […]

Ladies Record Landed at Laroussi

Katie and Kevin had another good session on Laroussi last week, topped by Katie landing a new ladies record on her birthday! Kevin took a nice 57lb 8oz mirror but Katie topped off the trip by landing the 56lb 8oz mirror. What a great present. Between the two of them they also had a 20lber, 30lber, 40lber (including […]

An Incredible Run of Big Carp at Laroussi

Well, april is now done, and all I can say is WOW! The number of fish caught is excellent, the weights and the growth are even better! From 11th april to 9th may, the biggest fish of each week were 64lb, 64lb, 69lb6oz and 70lb8oz! Along with numerous forties and fifties. The combination of the new young […]

Biggest Fish of 2014 at Laroussi

Here’s a list of the biggest fish we’ve seen this year at Laroussi. Despite really up and down weather last year that left a lot of lakes all over France fishing poorly, Laroussi’s tally of big carp remains impressive. The weights of all species show that Mehdi is continuing to do a fantastic job keeping the […]

Laroussi’s New Stock

Mehdi is chuffed with his new young stock at Laroussi, and we would be too! Here’s a note from Mehdi now the fish have arrived;  As mentioned early, we introduced new carp at Laroussi. We made a strict selection one by one to get the best quality fish as possible. Target was to find a nice […]

From 3 To 71 – Latest Capture of the Laroussi Seventy

This is the incredible story of an angler that truly earnt the capture of a 71lb mirror carp at Laroussi this November. Roy Wreatham has kindly written an account of the capture that lead to a new personal best and one that took the title of the biggest fish out this year… My son in law […]