Brocard Small Receives 50 Carp

  The Brocard Lakes are netted annually, where many silverfish, zander and roach are removed. The carp are passed back over the net and returned to the lake. This year also saw the addition of many new carp, all spawned and grown on by the lake’s owners. Here’s bailiff Mark with more information… All netting […]

Returning Carp To Brocard Small

Last week we placed all the fish back into Brocard Small. The fish were held in a lake over winter so we could do some maintenance on the lake. Along with with this we added some real corkers to over 50lb. Here’s some of our favourites from the day… Brocard Small is situated within picturesque woodlands […]

Stocking Carp at the Bachelier Waters

The Bacheliers have been busy! Here’s our round-up of the nettings and stockings so far this winter…   The well respected Bachelier family own five of our venues – Jonchery, Jonchery #7, Brocard Small, Brocard Large and Brie. Whilst these venues are all unique in their own way, they also share something in common – the […]

Brocard Small Receives Additional Stocking

Paul Bachelier updates us on the additional stocking at Brocard Small this January. This includes a handful of forties and fifties and a further 30 carp between 20-30lb. For more information on Brocard Small follow the link – Carp Fishing France

How To Get The Best Out of a Swim at Brocard

It was mid October when Jim Kelly and I visited Brocard Small lake. Small does not describe this lake correctly. It is around 29 acres, this being the  lesser acreage of two  lakes set in a huge forested area, with the larger being around 39 cares. There are approximately 350 carp in Brocard Small as […]

Brocard Small, It isn’t

Four of our field testers took over the Brocard complex for a week last month. Jim Kelly spent the week camped on Brocard Small, you can read his report below. Brocard Small isn’t, at 29 acres, that small. It is a fairly large lake and with just 4 swims there is plenty of water to […]

‘Basic proper carp fishing at its best’

Here’s a catch report from Brocard Small, fished by Mr Sproston from the 3rd – 10th of August… Details of your catches: 23 carp, 9 x 30’s 2 cats 68.5 & 32lb 5 grass carp best 47lb Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Fishing near to far bank mostly, boilies best bait but crays liked them too. Were the facilities […]

Introducing… Brocard Large and Small

If you are looking for serious waters that contains a large average size of carp in natural surroundings, then these could be the lakes for you…  The Brocard lakes are situated within picturesque woodlands in the Champagne region of France, created and run by the prominent fish farming Bachelier family. The complex consists of 2 lakes, […]