A Family Fishing Holiday To Mas Bas

Join Pete Castle and his family as they travel to Mas Bas Lotus Lake in search of a great fishing holiday. Complete with carp lake, lakeside accommodation and private swimming pool, the video showcases what a fantastic venue it is for the whole family. Want more info on Mas Bas? Click here – Carp Fishing in […]

Travelling To Venues and Keeping A Clear Head

Paul Cooper shares his advice to those of you travelling to venues located further down in to France… Travelling to France can be a tedious affair. Especially with venues further down the country, lakes such as Mas Bas or Holly Pools, where you enjoy the warmer southern climate. With a long tiring journey more often than not you […]

A New Video From Lotus Lake

An updated venue video for Lotus Lake has been well overdue! Excellent accommodation, swimming pool, specimen carp fishing – you can’t help but fall in love with this venue. We visited early October for four days of fishing and filming… The pretty Lotus Lake is the smaller of the 2 lakes on the complex and […]

The perfect getaway holiday – with big fish!

Anglers Mail editor Tim Knight recently spent a week at Mas Bas, here’s his article following the trip… EVER tried finding and then enjoying a holiday where you get enough good fishing in, and the non-angler/s with you are equally well catered for? It isn’t always easy to get the balance right! I can put […]

Lake Netting at Mas Bas

On January 1st 2014, Gilles decided that it would be a good idea to drain down the main lake at Mas Bas, to take stock and remove the irritating bream, catfish and the surplus grass carp that have been an annoyance over the past several years. So whilst the majority of the world were nursing […]

The Surprising History of Mas Bas

Below tells the history of Mas Bas, a complex of two lakes with beautiful french gites. It now holds carp to over 50lb, but it was originally built for something else entirely… In 1967 French farmer and JCB driver Simon Betoulieres, had an idea and purchased, for very little money, an area of sodden land […]

Our Family Carp Fishing Holiday at Mas Bas

Kierron’s 40lb’er from Lotus Lake   The Journey Thank you to all the staff at Angling lines for the help given in arranging hotel stops. It’s a long journey to do in one day especially if you have children. We broke our journey and made it part of the holiday. On the way down we […]

A week on Mas Bas Lotus Lake

There was just myself fishing and to be honest I caught too many fish to mention… but the highlights were: PB Mirror 37lb in fact 1st fish caught! Double Mainline Cell 18mm with mixed pellet PVA bag. PB Common 21lb 8oz Double Mainline Cell 18mm Lots of 10lb + and mid twenty Mirrors and the […]

Great Mas Bas Lotus Lake Feedback

Holiday date: Sat 7th Jul to Sat 14th Jul 2012 Name of customer: Adrian Brown Number of anglers: 1 Details of your catches: There was just myself fishing, too many fish caught to mention here but the highlights were: pb mirror 37lb in fact 1st fish caught! Double mainline cell 18mm with mixed pellet pva bag. Pb common 21lb 8oz double […]

Coypu – A Real Danger for Carp Lakes in France

Cute but contemptible! Constant battle with contemptible Coypu! Here at Mas Bas we have a running battle with Coypu so here’s an update showing just what damage they can do! Every 2 years or so we have to rebuild the walkway between our beautiful carp lakes, because they have burrowed and collapsed areas the bank. […]

The big willow at Mas Bas gets a haircut!

With the temperature still up around 20° in the afternoon, the south west remains the warmest area of France. Making the most of this Indian summer Gilles decided to tackle a big outside job here at Mas Bas and called in Ivan the tree ‘hairdresser’. He definitely made his mark on the trees around willow […]

Lotus lake produces a 41lb carp for 12 year old Jake

Mas Bas Lotus lake produced this 41lb’er for Jake Writing as the mother of Jake Carling, an avid 12 year old anger from Kent intent on spending as much of his summer holidays, (preferably ‘en France!) staking out big carp, I seized an opportunity to seek a venue recommendation from the great Danny Fairbrass during […]

Carp Fishing Tips for Mas Bas

James Derbyshire wrote: I am booked on Mas Bas main lake at the end of July.  I am the only person fishing (my wife will be sunbathing!). I’m starting to think about getting myself sorted out for the trip and am wondering how much bait (and what baits) I should be taking with me for […]

What’s the bottom like in Willow Lake at Mas Bas

Craig Lea-hair wrote: What type of bottom is Lotus at Mas Bas? I’ve been thinking about what type and colour hook link to use. Gareth Watkins replies: First off you’ll love Mas Bas, I went to Lotus with my family last summer when I shot the video. We had a great time; if you look […]