Preparing for a French carp trip

Martin Timbers with a 46lb 14oz Genets mirror from July 2009 I have been carp fishing for over 30 years so I suppose I can say that I have seen many changes and caught a fair few fish in this time.  Any way I thought that my knowledge and experience might be helpful for anyone […]

A question of bait choice

Why is it anglers come to France having spent good money on their holiday, owning a fortunes worth of tackle including the latest rods, reels and bivvies… only to then try to catch fish on the cheapest bait they can buy?  Surely bait has to be one of the most important elements of the equation, […]

The importance of scales if you get that monster carp

Call it what you like… a plea… a reminder… or simply just a request, please, please please any fishermen, & of course fisher ladies (although of course it’s well known that us girls are generally well prepared & don’t need reminding), coming to France for a spot of carp fishing do remember to bring with […]

The benefits of regular netting of carp lakes

Having had Genets netted recently I thought I would put together a few words from my own point of view on the importance as part of ongoing fishery management to carrying out regular netting. We first had the lake netted in Oct 2006 to remove the bulk of the silverfish when nearly a ton & […]