How to Prepare Tiger Nuts For Carp Fishing

Tiger Nuts have been used by anglers for many years and are one of the most well known baits for fishing. Join Hinders experts Kev Hewitt and Bryan Jarrett as they go through a step by step guide on how to safely prepare Tiger Nuts as well as sharing their top tips on using this […]

9 Things You Need From a Winter Boilie

Another of our resurrected winter carping posts, today’s is 9 top tips on choosing your cold weather carp fishing bait.  1. Easily digested – the quicker it’s digested the sooner the carp need to eat again. 2. Low flavour level (that will surprise some!) – if I am presenting baits where I know the carp to be […]

How to Catch Carp 3 – Baiting Tactics

Following his hugely popular video on slack lines and running rigs, Duncan de Gruchy is back with a follow up.  This time Duncan reveals his baiting tactics. If you have missed ‘How to Catch Carp in France 1 and 2’ you can go straight to them here: Part 1 – Slack Lines and Running Rigs […]