How To Make Your Own Carp Fishing Leads

Ever thought about making your own leads? In the long term it could save you quite a bit of cash. One of our field testers, Jim Kelly, shows you how in the following two videos… Part 1 – What you’ll need and how to mould your leads… Part 2 – How to coat the leads… […]

Safe Carp Rigs – Lead Ejection

Leads must eject safely from a carp fishing rig in the event of a break-off or a carp becoming snagged – if they don’t it can result in death for a tethered carp…   In this video Ron Key, Chairman of the British Carp Study Group, explains how to construct a rig from which the […]

The Ultimate Barbless Hook Rig

Paul Cooper shows you the perfect barbless hook rig… As some of our newer lakes, such as Jonchery and Brie, now enforce a barbless only hook rule, our field testers have been set the challenge to find the right rig for the job. This is the rig Paul Cooper found to be most successful when […]

How to catch carp 2 – tight lines and shocker rigs

In part 1 of this series Duncan de Gruchy demonstrated how to catch carp using slack lines and running rigs. Here in part 2 Gary Hewes demonstrates how to achieve similar results using tight lines and shocker rigs.  Gary is fishing the same spots from the same swim that Duncan fished 3 weeks before. It […]

Carp rigs; How To Construct the Ultimate Pop-up Rig

Paul Cooper shows you how to construct the ultimate pop-up rig. Note from Paul; ” I didn’t make it clear on the clip why I use the short tag of 30lb Seaguar.  Well, it  keeps the shrink tube in place because although appearing stiff, without the Seaguar the shrink tuibe does not maintain its shape. […]

Constructing safe carp rigs

Paul Cooper shows you how to make a safe carp rig. Ensuring that the lead can be shed in the event of a line break is the first rule of safe rigs.  In this video Paul shows you the components you need to be certain your rig is safe.

Carp Rigs – Tying the Knotless Knot

Paul Cooper presents a series of short video clips on carp rigs and tips… Over the next few months I intend to put a series of short video clips together showing the methods that I use when fishing home or abroad, that help me put those extra few fish on the bank. I have been […]