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By Chris Dagg, Notaires & Alder Lakes;

If you already know that RSS doesn’t stand for Really Slippery Silure or Rather Special Sturgeon then please skip to the next article, otherwise this is for you!

You may have wondered what the strange wavy orange icon is at the top of the tool bar on the right… a spod hitting the water?  In fact they are simply mechanisms for notifying you when a new post has been added to the blog.

RSS originally stood for “Rich Site Summary” which is more self explanatory than the currently accepted meaning of “Really Simple Syndication” RSS is a simple mechanism to notify you when a new article has been added to a website or blog, instead of having to check for new updates the website brings them to you!

Subscription via Readers

Readers come in multiple flavours just like boilies, and also like boilies different people have different opinions about their favourite. We will look at three main variations, the web based reader, the windows based reader and the email based reader.

When you click on the RSS icon it will take you to the Angling Lines feed on Google as we use Googles feedburner to format the feed for different RSS formats, simply click on the link for the reader that you use or would like to use.

For example I use the iGoogle page for several blog feeds, news, weather and a few other gizmos:

The alternative to the web based reader is a desktop reader such as FeedDemon. These software clients will run through a database of feeds and make suggestions, alternatively the software can discover feeds based on the website.

Here we enter the Angling Lines blog:

And this grabs the summary from the Angling Lines Blog

Subscription by email

This is a very convenient mechanism which delivers each new blog post to your email, you just have to supply an email address and enter the anti spam code to complete the subscription request.


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