0 – 88 In 30 Minutes At Notaires Lake

catfish at Notaires french carp lake

88lb Lake Record

After almost nine years and many snapped off anglers, Jess from Morley is the first angler to bank the Notaire’s elusive catfish setting a new lake record.

Our Facebook comments show that many anglers have fond encounters with the cat.

Jess came to Notaires targetting the uncaught catfish and fished using a giant 50mm home rolled boilie on one rod and a deadbait on the other. The deadbait roared off on Monday but the hook didn’t set and the cat escaped with a free meal.

In the end it was a carp rod that sounded a run and Jess hit it as husband Jordy was tying a new rig. It was clear from the beginning that this wasn’t a carp and after 30 minutes of patient playing on the 3lb TC rod Jess got the cat to the bank.

catfish at Notaires french carp lake

Well done Jess!

Jess and Jordy had previously scouted along the waterline of the dam wall and they felt safe enough to go in wearing waders, so Jordy was able to fold the cat’s tail into the net so that they could lift it onto the bank.

Closer examination showed that the cat was in pristine condition and had disposed of the all the rigs it had snapped over the years. Finally the moment came as it took three of us to position the sling on the scales – 88lbs, the biggest fish in Notaires lake. We have some great video of the cat being returned to the lake, turning round and slipping away between Jordies bare legs, hairy moment!

Well done Jess, the cat couldn’t have been caught by a nicer angler, hope you enjoyed the champagne.

For more information on Notaires follow the link – Carp Fishing Holidays


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