111 Carp for 3,300lb+ … & the first 50!



A group of 5 anglers has just smashed all records with yet another Commons mega catch.

Dickie Williams claimed a new lake record and the venue’s first ever 50lb carp with a 50lb 8oz Common. David Williams also claimed a new lake record Grass Carp at 40lb 1oz.

Total catch was 111 fish, totalling 3,300lb +

40.01 – new lake record Grass Carp


*  1 x 50lb 8oz (New Lake Record)

*  3 x 40’s

*  47 x 30’s

*  43 x 20’s

*  1 under 20lb

Grass Carp:

*  13 to 41lb 1oz (New Lake Record)


*  3 cats to 68lb 8oz

And just to underline what a prolific venue Commons is, only 8 of the 111 fish were under 20lb!

Fishing France at Commons Lake


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