Boux Catch Report

Tom and Jake Carling, along with friends Simon Dew and Jack Bonner fished Boux for a week this month, coming away with some stunners…

Details of your catches: 12 fish to 45lb 10 oz. 10 mirrors, 2 commons.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: 9 of the 12 fish were caught fishing from the right hand side of the wooded bank to the dam wall and the far bay. One was taken close in from the right hand side. The other two came came from fishing from the left hand side of the wooded bank. The best bait by far was fake maize/corn as it did could not get attacked by the crayfish which in the heat were rampant for 4 days. The two biggest fish were taken fishing over pre-baited beds of particle.

Were the facilities what you expected? Yes, a stunning drive and survive venue with some lovely fish. The facilites are basic but fine as long as you dont mind driving back up to the house. A bath/shower mat and some teatowels would be a good idea as someone else has mentioned.

44lb Carp at Boux Carp Fishing in France

44.06 – Jake Carling

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yes definitely – but perhaps not in the height of summer due to the crays.

General comments: Beautiful lake, great countryside. Some stunning carp too. Bait has to be rowed out or use a baitboat from the wooded bank. Casting any distance was difficult due to overhanging trees.
We took a day out and went white water rafting at St Martin de Puy. Highly recommended. It is a long drive from calais – about 7 hours both ways for us.

Boux Carp Fishing in France

29 – Jack Bonner

For more information on Boux follow the link – Carp Fishing in France



One thought on “Boux Catch Report

  1. thomas lawlor says:

    We went aug 3 2013 best lake we have been crays were a pain we all changed to braid lines coz cray cut all r lines snap offs all the time we all had 40s here’s a list ov wot we had. loads more an lots of big pike on boiles one bit my finger we all got them on home made cells an new grange blow back rigs. We all won’t go eny outher lake its that good we were shoked aw good the fishing was mesh an shrink rap ye bait coz crays r a propa nightmair

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