20 young grass carp introduced to control weed

One of the young Grassies – held by big Emerique!


Weed can be an amazing thing – when we first bought Joy Lake two and a half years ago we had almost no surface pondweed. Last summer it appeared and began to spread the more we tried to control it.

Go feast fellas….




Whilst it is not impacting on the fishing yet, if we take no action this year it will almost certainly become a problem next year.  Having spent many hours in the boat & waders hauling out more and more of the stuff, we decided we needed re-enforcements – 20 young grass carp.






The surface pondweed – dinner for the grassies




Although only averaging around 1lb in weight at the moment, these fish are the ideal age to tackle our weed as they feed ravenously, and in years to come will eventually switch onto anglers bait to give an added attraction at Joy Lake.

For now though these fish have a job to do…….


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