2010 carp fishing round-up at Bletiere

Oliver’s 40lb common




As we are now closed for the winter and this gives us time to clear  up and plan for next year,it also gives me a chance to look back on the 2010 Bletiere season.


We had another full season and again met some nice people and welcomed back a lot of regular guest.  The fishing was better than I hoped with a lot of good fish coming out and two new 40lb’ers.
The first 40 to ever come out was caught by Colin, a mirror at 40lb 6oz and it was pleasing for us being the first recorded carp over the 40lb.

Debbie’s 36.08 common



As often happens after 2 years waiting in a matter of a couple of weeks Oliver caught the second 40lb’er… a common at 40lb 8oz and went onto win the free fishing for next year.

We had other highlights like Debbie breaking her Pb and the ladies lake record three times in a fortnight and went on to catch the biggest grass carp yet out of Bletiere.

With a lot of 30’s coming out this year and some very high 20’s I suspect that we will see a few more 40’s out next year, and with the removal of a lot of silver fish even more growth from our fish.

Best regards, John and Lesley


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