2017 Plans for Villefond

Villefond is embarking on a project to provide lakeside cabin accommodation for the upcoming 2017 season, amongst many other improvements. Here’s manager Mark with the latest…

2016 was a great year for us here at Lac Du Villefond and we are working towards a better 2017. We have some really big plans for Villefond and the following article will outline the main projects we are working on for the opening of our 2017 season. 

One of the biggest changes we are most excited about is a lake side cabin we are building in swim 8. We hope with the comfort of a small cabin available it will encourage more people to the lake to target our big fish in the colder months (still a worthwile time to fish the lake as my December 50lb+ capture this year proved!) and also if someone just wants more comfort while fishing.

villefond carp fishing lake in france

A view of the lake from the entrance

The cabin will sit on a wooden platform going out just over the lake edge and will have plenty of room to put your rods just outside the door. The cabin will be furnished with beds, a table, lighting, provisions for phone and¬†small appliance charging and a heater. The lakes facilities (shower and toilet block) are a minute’s¬†walk away. We plan to cut back the margins to create more water to fish and make that whole margin more¬†easily¬†fishable. The cabin will be available at an extra cost for those seeking more comfort and hopefully making fishing in winter far more bearable.

Another of our missions this winter is to do with the fish, this year saw three new fish break the 50lb barrier for the first time, joining the ranks of our larger fish. We also had Arnold, the lakes largest resident, break the 65lb+ barrier. We had our middle catfish (there are only three) break the 92lb+ barrier as well. This year over winter we plan to feed the fish like never before, our fish all seem to pile the weight in over winter but this year we are going out to really get them healthy and accustomed to the bait. Signs are good that it is working as swim 8 produced a 52lb 4oz mirror on December the 27th that was 48lb in October! We plan to help our massive fish grow bigger and really hope that this year is the year one of our anglers catches a fish that beats the 70lb barrier! 


One of the three Villefond catfish

I have also altered¬†the feed I’m feeding them. Normally every year I chose a bait and get the fish accustomed to feeding on it. This year will be no different however¬†I will be feeding and then selling a new ground bait too. I have always done really well fishing over ground bait especially when small particles and other feed are added so I will now be selling the mix I normally use when fishing the lake myself.¬†

We have been working hard to clear loads of brambles to really open the lake up a bit more. We have lots of land around the margins that has not been used so it has grown wild.  We are trying to improve access and also trying to improve the scenery around the lake. The cabin and the mobile home are also getting a paint and a spruce up ready for the new coming season. Finally we have a small stock pond that we hope now contains some fish big enough to go in our lake. If things go to plan we hope to add a couple of fish to the main lake. 

All in all we have a lot of work going on up the lake and and are really excited for 2017, we hope to see lots more happy fishermen and lots more monster carp posing for pictures! 

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