70lb Barrier Broken at Old Oaks

We’ve been waiting with baited breath this year for Old Oaks to produce its first 70lb+ carp, with the long common teetering on the edge for some time now. Last week saw Gary Mardle bank this huge carp at 71lb.

We’re absolutely over the moon for angler Gary and also lake owner Mehdi, who stocked these carp 14 years ago at twenty something lbs – it is down to his excellent management that they have grown to the behemoths they are today.

Here is the groups review of their week on the lake…

giant 70lb carp at old oaks lake in France
Gary Mardle with the ‘Long Common’ at 71lb

Holiday date: Sat 19th Oct to Sat 26th Oct 2019
Name of customer: Daniel Akerman
Number of anglers: 5

Details of your catches:

***Record no of fish, total weight of fish, biggest fish, most 40’s, most 50’s***

Peg 1- 22 fish
Peg 2 – 23 fish
Peg 3 – 12 fish
Peg 4 – 2 fish
Peg 5 – 9 fish

68 fish total

25 x 40’s
9 x 50’s
1 x 70

Your best tactics/bait/rigs:

Mehdi’s particle and Live System fished tight to the far margin in the day and a rod length or two off the far margin at night.

Plastic enterprise boilies fished on pop up rigs accounted for 95% of the bites.

We fed boilies little and often throughout the week. The majority of the bites came whilst we were baiting up, “ringing the dinner bell”.

As a group we got through 125kg boilie and 50kg of particle.

The Poisson Chat didn’t cause us any issues throughout the entire week. If you go prepared with resetting rigs and plastic baits and bait based on how active/inactive they are you wont have any issues with them.

Big carp fishing in France at Old Oaks
51lb 8oz

Were the facilities what you expected?

The facilities are everything you could wish for on a drive and survive type holiday. Hot shower, functioning toilet and a large fringe and freezer.

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?

We have been to Old Oaks numerous times over the years. The venue is going from strength to strength under the management of Mehdi and the average weights are incredible.

General comments:

You will not meet a nicer fishery owner than Mehdi. He is always on hand to help and will always go out of his way to ensure that you have a great week.

Mehdi was in constant contact throughout the week, willing us on to break some of his long standing fishery records. His enthusiasm and genuine joy when we smashed every record for the lake was brilliant.

As a group we have been to lots of french venues over the years, none of which come anywhere near Old Oaks. Year on year we find ourselves saying “I wish we were at Oaks right now”

53lb 8oz

Find out more about Old Oaks here – Carp Fishing France


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