A February Weekend Fishing at Molyneux

The first anglers of 2014 at Molyneux spent a long weekend this February, here’s Wally with a report of the weekend… 

It was a chilly wet morning as Mark and Jamie our first anglers of the year drove through the gate. With a few days spare, they had decided at short notice to pop over and spend a long weekend in pursuit of a carp.

Upon their arrival, we had a cuppa and a quick chat before setting off for a wander round the lake. There was a temporary lull in the weather and as we left the kitchen a bronze coloured carp stuck his head out directly in front of us all. This certainly fired the guys up as if they weren’t excited enough.

The fish are very active, no doubt due in part to the mild weather we have  seen this winter, but also due to the feeding program we have in place here at Molyneux, I have been out almost every day during the winter feeding either particle or boilies. I see lots of movement and activity during this procedure so am confident that any early anglers fed up with flooded lakes and swollen chocolate coloured rivers back home can pop across and enjoy a bit of action….

After a lovely wander round and checking out all the swims, Mark and Jamie decided to fish from the comfort of the Double swim. With so much rain recently and the ground so sodden, at least they could be guaranteed keeping dry and clear from mud on the gravelled area of the double swim. A good choice as later that afternoon all hell broke loose with the weather. The wind was howling and blowing a hooligan complete with lashing rain, it felt like it was the end of the world.

Jamie started the season off with the first fish at around 8pm on the first night, a cracking 39lb mirror and a massive new pb to boot.  This was followed at 5am the following morning by a long common of around 22lb 8oz. Both fish coming to single boilies off the deeper end of the island margin to the right of the double.

molyneux french carp lakes

First night 39lb Mirror, a new pb for Jamie

During Sunday night Mark leapt to his rods as one rattled off, to find upon reeling in a small but perfectly formed tench of around 4-5lb’s trying to steal his bait. At 4.30am Jamie was in again and after a spirited fight brought a torpedo shaped mirror of 27lb to the safety of the landing net.

Molyneux french carp fishing lakes

27lb mirror

Monday morning and the weather brightened up, the wind abated and the sky was actually blue for a wee while. It did no good for the fishing sadly and there was no more fish caught during Monday, nor indeed Tuesday. The guys were still confident though as they were still seeing the odd fish, though sadly not over their baited spots. It certainly seemed to be the single’s that were tripping up the fish.

At 6am on Wednesday morning Jamie caught his fourth and final fish, a 30lb 8oz mirror, another lovely looking fish.

Molyneux french carp lakes

30lb 8oz Mirror

Sadly that morning the guys had to be packed up ready for departure. Mark unfortunately didn’t manage to land a carp despite his best attempts. Jamie ended up with four carp in four days, a very good result at this time of year…

It was also the first time our new Avi d Safeguard cradles had been used by anglers along with our new weigh slings. Jamie commented on how much easier he found it to both deal with the fish in and also lift the fish out of for the trophy shots. A glowing endorsement and confirmation of what I hoped when purchasing them for use around the lake.

It was a pleasure to meet both the guys, and we hope they will come back and visit us again.

Mark and Jamie’s feedback comments – “Great venue, great people, was made to feel very welcome. Excellent fishing, four fish over four nights in a slightly mild february was a good season start, would definitely recommend and will try to visit again in the future. Thankyou wally and helen.”

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – French Carp Lakes


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