A Massive Haul of Monster Carp at Villefond

Arthur @ 54.07

Nick Johnson returned to Villefond for the third time on the 20th of October 2012 with Dave Procter (his second visit) and they both done brilliantly. Their amazing catch report reads as follows;

Total weight of carp caught; 635 lb 12oz

Arnold @ 52.10

Average weight of carp; a massive 41.6lb!

Fish caught in order of size;

*  54lb 7oz (Arthur the common)

*  52lb10oz (Arnold a mirror)

*  47lb12oz

*  45lb12oz (Dorian a mirror)

*  45lb 4oz (Measles a mirror)

*  43lb10oz

*  40lb.8oz

*  40lb 4oz

*  39lb 10oz

*  38lb 12oz

*  38lb 7oz


*  38lb 4oz

*  36lb 8oz

*  33lb

*  29lb 4oz

*  and a future Villefond monster – an 11lb common.

These sorts of weights is what separates Lac du Villefond from all other lakes it’s a real specimen water, and although it’s very tough, it’s worth it if you get it right and as normal all the fish are different fish no re-captures.

What makes the weights even more impressive is some of the fish like Arthur the common at 54lb 7oz were still down in weight from the late spawning at the end of August/ beginning of September. So these fish will be even heavier when at full weight and Arthur who normally puts 4lb on over winter could well come out next spring at over 60lb!

Arthur is our second biggest common and hasn’t been out since April 2012. Arnold is our second biggest mirror and hasn’t been caught since July 2012. Nick and Dave have been a real pleasure to have on our lake every time they have been and we are really happy for them and hope to see them again catching more monsters.

Mark, Villefond Owner

Carp Fishing in France at Villefond


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