A New Lake Record Catfish at Molyneux

There have been some very big Catfish caught recently at Molyneux. The first of these was a New Lake Record of 87lb 10oz and was caught by Nick Syms…

I was fortunate to be alongside Nick when he got the take and have to admit to being impressed that he managed to get it in at all. Firstly it dragged him through all the undergrowth on the back of the island, indeed we could hear branches breaking from over 100yds away as this thing bulldozed its way through everything in its path.

Nick then gently coaxed this beast through various small weedbeds between him and the island, It really was cracking angling and amazing to see Nicks face when it surfaced close to us….. Well done Sir!!!

lake record catfish at Molyneux in France

A new 87lb record

french carp lake Molyneux

…and that wasn’t all Nick caught

carp fishing lake Molyneux

And another…

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing in France



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