A New Lake Record Catfish For Molyneux

A new lake record catfish for Brad Thomson this week on Molyneux. The lake’s very first triple figure catfish. Here is Brad with the story…

“Well what can I say, I’m speechless. Didn’t even anticipate catching the catfish this morning which was a pb at 20 pounds but i certainly wasn’t expecting this…… so the middle rod ripped off which led to me knowing it was a cat as it just took off! I couldn’t stop it, it kept taking line after line after line. After 35-40 mins I managed to get it surfaced to find out it was this!!

molyneux big catfish and carp france
Got it on the bank and weighed it and yeah it went 100 pounds, not only is it my personal best it’s the new lake record! To break a pb today felt good but to then smash it by 80 pound is unreal! I can’t thank you lot enough for your help and especially Bob, dad and Wally the owner, thanks guys it means the world! I could fit my head inside it’s mouth! Yay! This is a fish of a lifetime!”


For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing near Calais

molyneux big catfish and carp france


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