Advantages of night only carp fishing in France

I go to France with my family several times per year. To keep them sweet I don’t fish during the day, but go out sight seeing, shopping, markets, swimming lakes etc. At first I thought this would be a disadvantage, but actually my results have improved. If the water is easy I just fish evening and mornings as I don’t want to be awake all night. If the water is a little harder I tend to fish nights. I believe the advantages are:

  • Resting the water during the day means the fish will not be disturbed.
  • With no lines in the water fish will move in and feed confidently.
  • I fish more efficiently as I am alert due to shorter sessions.
  • I am fishing during optimum feeding periods.
  • I get to see some of the beautiful French countryside.

I believe that baiting of the swim is crucial. One can never put down hard and fast rules, but I have found the following to give very consistent results:

  • Bait up just before dark, not when I start fishing in the evening as there could be feeding fish already in the swim. (this applies to night or evening/ morning fishing)
  • Bait up again just before going out with the family in the morning.
  • Don’t bait up first thing in the morning or immediately after returning from a day out as the fish could have moved onto the bait and baiting up will spook them.

My family and I enjoy this approach very much. I get to fish and a family holiday, what could be better?

Jim Kelly


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