An Impressive March Week On Old Oaks

Congratulations to Daniel Smith’s group who had a total of 22 fish last week on Old Oaks, including an incredible 7 x 50’s, 5 x 40’s and 6 x 30’s. Here’s their feedback… 

Holiday date: Sat 10th Mar to Sat 17th Mar 2018
Name of customer: Daniel Smith
Number of anglers: 4
Details of your catches:
Peg 1 – 59.14, 54.12, 51.6, 43.12, 37.8, 32.12lb, 1 x double
Peg 2 – 55.12, 49.14, 42, 38, 37, 36lb, 1 x double
Peg 4 – 50.2lb
Peg 5 – 58.4, 56.4, 44.12, 43.6, 36, 29lb, 1 x double

Big Carp Old Oaks France

Swim 1 – 56lb 4oz

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Boilie and corn with small pop ups hookbaits

Were the facilities what you expected? Yes facilities were spot on for our needs!
Were you happy with them? Yes having access to the fridge freezer and hot shower was great!
Old Oaks Carp Fishing France

Swim 1 – 59lb 14oz

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yes
Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes
General comments: Fantastic venue! Brilliant weeks fishing! Medhi the owner was very friendly and helpful!

Want more info on Old Oaks? Follow the link –
Carp Fishing France

carp fishing france

Swim 5 – 58lb 4oz



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