An Incredible Christmas Session for David

A Happy Christmas for David Wellard currently fishing Laroussi.

He first experienced┬áa successful few days on Old Oaks – in 48hrs David┬álanded 9 carp including 5 forties and the fifty,┬áChristmas day alone bringing him 2 of the forties and the fifty.

carp fishing in france at old oaks

50lb from Old Oaks

He has now moved to the bigger Laroussi lake and been gifted an amazing Laroussi Christmas carp in return for his dedication.

This morning he took a stunning 60lb mirror from the lake.

laroussi carp fishing winter


Mehdi says the carp are on the feed and the weather is very good, 15°C in the day and 7/8° at night. Something tells me there might be even more presents from Laroussi yet to come over the new year.

Merry carping!

For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

old oaks carp lakes in france

46lb 12oz from Old Oaks


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