An Incredible Run of Big Carp at Laroussi

Well, april is now done, and all I can say is WOW! The number of fish caught is excellent, the weights and the growth are even better! From 11th april to 9th may, the biggest fish of each week were 64lb, 64lb, 69lb6oz and 70lb8oz! Along with numerous forties and fifties.

The combination of the new young stocking this winter and the grass carp removal has paid off. We noticed a good general carp growth, most of the fish have put on weight between 2 and 11lb8oz! Some of the sought after fish has been landed, all topping new maximum weight, and new lake record common broken twice.

Here’s some of the highlights…

Lee Measor party had a good week. Neil Jones topped the week with a nice 64lb mirror. The following week, Philipp Pohl party had 36 fish topped with another 64lb mirror for Steven Barrow.

Laroussi carp fishing in france

Neil Jones – 64lb

Then the next group, the Diment party caught another 22 fish with a 69lb 6oz for Wesley Galliver. That 69lb 6oz long mirror was 60lb 2oz in November 2013, so a 9lb+ growth. No doubt it will overtake 70lb+ in autumn.

big french carp fishing

Wesley Galliver – 69lb 6oz

His friend ¬ę¬†Dez¬†¬Ľ was lucky enough to break the lake record common with a 50lb6oz. The same common was 45lb12oz last may 2014 so almost 5lb growth. The other good news regarding common is the 49lb6oz caught last year, could go even bigger than that…

Martin was struggling but he never gave up and continued to work hard and it paid off. During the last night, he managed 2 fish – a 42lb and a 59lb! Another new PB. Same fish last year was 54lb8oz so could be a new sixty in autumn.

big carp fishing in france

Dez – 50lb 6oz

The following week was mad¬†with 52lb fish out!¬†David Passoni was the great surprise to catch the Splendid ¬ę Pretty Common¬†¬Ľ at a new record weight of 44lb 12oz! The same fish was only 38lb in June 2014. That fish has an amazing bright golden color and is an original Laroussi fish (was only 17lb a few years ago).

big carp fishing in france

The pretty common at 44lb 12oz

John Allen was around lake too and had the prettiest carp in Laroussi ¬ę¬† the stunning fully scaled¬†¬Ľ at a new maximum weight 54lb¬†! The same fish was 48lb last year.¬†Tim Savage wasn’t as lucky in his swim but he kept working hard and in the last 24 Hours, he caught 7 fish¬†including 3 or 4 high forties.

big carp fishing in france  fully scaled

John Allen – 54lb

Mick Sharpe and Steven Male were the winners that same week РSteven landed the rare ghost common at a new maximum weight 50lb8oz! The same fish was 48lb last year . But he also broke the freshly new lake record common landed the week before at 50lb6oz!

50lb ghost common carp laroussi

Steven Male – 50lb 8oz


Steven didn’t stop and after a few good fish, he hooked something massive. After a slow and heavy fight, it was in the net – 70lb 8oz¬†mirror!!! What a fish!¬†Mick was also doing well with forties and a nice 54lb. They were lucky enough to catch the lovely zip linear too.¬†Over 4 weeks about a dozen grass carp between 41 and 46lb have been landed.

big carp fishing in france laroussi

Steven Male – 70lb 8oz

Whilst I’m writing this news, this week has produced some big fish again too. Craig Lancashire has already banked 15 fish so far including 4 good forties and 2 x mid fifty. On Saturday afternoon, he was setting up all his stuff and I indicated to him a promising spot. First rod out bang on that spot, within 20s, it went off, a 54lb 9oz mirror!¬†On Monday afternoon, he landed a special carp, the linear at a new maximum weight 55lb8oz! The same fish was 44lb in May 2014 so that’s 11lb 8oz growth.

big carp fishing in france laroussi

Steve Barrow – 64lb

We still hope to see the world record tench out soon…maybe over last year’s 15lb 4oz… 2 other big tench have been caught at 10lb and 12lb.

To finish that great news, there’s a monster catfish sitting within a yard off the bank. According to all the angler present, they estimated it at 8feet long. That means that ‘s the big one of the lake uncaught since 3 years. Last time out was 165lb. There are another 5 over 100lber so if you fancy them, plz bring special catfish gear and 30mm halibut pellets and have a go¬†!

Well done to all,

Tight Lines


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