Automated toll payments now available to UK drivers

For those of you who go to France often and those who travel alone in the car there seems to be nothing more wasteful in time and annoyance than trying to get through the automated tolls system on the main motorways. Especially when traffic is busy and the queues stretch back, or you have someone in front completely unprepared and wait impatiently for some movement in your lane. So it’s worth taking a look at the membership of Sanef  Libert- t toll system in France. It’s now available to British users and it’s really very simple to set up.

I obviously travel across quite frequently and found this which I joined and now use. Whilst not without a set up charge and a small ongoing payment in the months you use it…  I have already found it enormously useful.

How it works

Sanef, the French motorway operator has now extended its Liber-t automatic toll payment service to UK motorists. To use the service all you need to do is register online and we will send you a small electronic transponder (or tag) that you attach to your windscreen just behind the rear-view mirror. As you approach the barriers, a device by the barrier will read your transponder (or tag), securely extract your unique reference and then automatically open the barrier without you having to stop. You will receive an invoice the following month for your tolls and then around 15 days later we will automatically collect the payment in £ (GBP) from your bank account by direct debit from your UK bank account.

Once you have subscribed you will be sent a small Tag / Transponder and you must attach it to your windscreen as shown below.


More information is available in the FAQ section.


What does it cost?


Firstly, the tolls are the same cost that you would pay at the barrier.  This new service simply allows you to use the automated lanes saving you time and reducing the hassle of manually paying tolls in euros.

i. Subscription Fees

  • a refundable security deposit of 20€ (no TVA payable) for each Tag issued by Sanef (“Tag Deposit”);
  • the annual management fee of 6€ + TVA payable in advance; and
  • a non-refundable application fee of 10€ + TVA.

Total up front fee of 39.14€ (including TVA) of which 20€ is refundable when you return the tag

ii. Monthly Active Service Fee

In addition to the Subscription Fees, Subscribers must pay a monthly service fee of 5€ + TVA for each calendar month in which the Subscriber uses the Liber-T System up to a maximum fee of 10€ + TVA per year per tag. i.e. you only pay for the months that you use the tag and the maximum total Monthly Active Service Fee in any year is 10€.

iii. Toll Charges

All toll charges incurred.

Finally, all fees and tolls will be collected in £GBP (see 1.3 below) by direct debit 10 working days after the electronic invoice is sent.

If you want anymore information just Email me – [email protected]


One thought on “Automated toll payments now available to UK drivers

  1. Jon Perkins says:

    You would need to be a regular autoroute user for this to be interesting. As for queues at the toll booths, this is a rare thing to see !

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