Autumn Session On Brocard Small

Andrew Gilbert has just returned from his first session on Brocard Small, after numerous trips to the lake’s big sister Brocard Large. Here is the catch report…

Holiday date: Sat 30th Sep to Sat 7th Oct 2017
Name of customer: Andrew Gilbert
Number of anglers: 4


Details of your catches:

Swim 4 – Andy and Stewart – Mirrors 26, 30, 40.4, 28, 32, 26.4, 22. Commons, 36, 32.4, 25, 29.4
Swim 3 – Adam and Mark – Six fish 1×44, 4×30’s, 1×20

carp fishing at brocard lakes

Your best tactics/bait/rigs:

For myself all bites came to a snowman with the bottom bait shrink wrapped, freebies were hard air dried boilies and a few tigers. Mark and Adam had more success with tigers on the hair.

Were the facilities what you expected?

Yep, been to Brocard several times and the facilities are spot on. Even fishing in swim four and being right next to the facilities I still used my generator for power throughout the week as noted in the venue section the power is only available certain days and times

Were you happy with them?

Yes. plenty of hot water and clean, all I need.

french carp lake brocard

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?

Yes I would. It was my first time fishing the small lake and I have no complaints.

french carp fishing Brocard Lakes

Would you recommend our services to a friend?

I certainly would, I’ve never had any issues with any of the Angling Lines venues I’ve fished.

General comments:

I’ve fished the large lake several times so it was nice to have a change and fish Brcoard Small. Early during the session I did catch three small carp from rods positioned quite tight to the margin. I simply moved the rods about ten meters away from the snags and didn’t pick up anymore small fish for the rest of the week. Mark and Adam also caught a few small carp early on, but after switching to tigers on the hair it stopped their attention.

I was quite surprised that in swim 4 Stewart and myself picked up fish from all over the swim, I had a pre-conceived idea that fish only get caught from the right margin. Franck was a gent as always and it was nice to see Mark from Jonchery who popped over a few times during the week.


brocard small carp lake in france


Find out more about Brocard Small here – Carp Fishing France


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