Bag up methods for carp in France

Some tips from Chas, the owner of Vaux ;

When I get the chance to spend some time at the lake, I like to experiment. What I see most of the time is conventional fishing using boilies, that is to say a PVA bag with boilie hook link, but I show those visitors who are interested how I fish using different methods.

Carp absolutely love rice, which I put into my spod mix, but I also make up rice balls using Arma Mesh Bait Meshing System 14mm as follows:


Put a round disc of rig foam at the end of the funnel web system and then place a small quantity of cooked rice into the stocking dispenser tube, ramming it down really tight into the mesh stocking with the plunger, but making sure the stocking doesn’t come off the tube.  Continue ramming small amounts of rice into the stocking until you have a ball roughly the size of your thumb.  You should find that the rice is being forced out through the mesh.  When firmly rammed in, allow the stocking to come off the dispenser.  Cut and tie the funnel system as per normal and then just burn the ends with a lighter to tidy up.  The hair rig is as normal, but the boilie stop goes on the outside of the foam disc.  This stops it pulling through the funnel web system and also makes it critically balanced.



Prepared Rice Ball


So, the same funnel web system and method as above is used to make up particle balls, using dry, unprepared particles in place of the rice (maize, peas and small beans being the best).  When the ball is made up, place it in warm water and leave to soak in the same water for 24 hours, after which the particles will have swollen up within the mesh to make a really tight ball.  These balls can again be hair rigged, with or without the foam disc.  It may seem a very strange way of fishing, but it has been used to devastating effect.

Ian is a regular angling visitor to Les Vaux and during his fishing trip in September 2009, we experimented with an end tackle bagged system, a bag containing particles.  It was the first time a guest angler had tried this method and within four hours of putting it out, he caught his Personal Best, this 36lb mirror

The bags can be made up using any food or particle that you think a carp might eat;  the combinations are limitless.  In addition to rice and particles as above, try bread, maggots, minced meat, spam, luncheon meat, hemp, tackle shop ready-to-use paste, paté – or soft cheese/cream cheese which we’ve found to be one of the best.  Hopefully you’ll be surprised

The ready-to-use high attractor pastes normally used to mould around boilies can be shaped into different sizes of round balls or dumb-bells or squares, whatever you want to try – the combinations are endless.  These pastes and the patés are really good as they release their flavours and attractors quickly, especially when the water is warm in the summer, giving quick takes.




Paste bag moulded / shaped




We’ve found that a conventional hook length can be used and that it fishes better and casts well using a boom rig/combi rig.  The booms are tied with Sufix Memory Free Tough Shock Leader Monofilament and the soft link section with Quicksilver Abrasion Resistant Snag/Shock Leader.

A sliding float stop holds the bag or boilie tight in place so that it doesn’t move and then three pieces of rig foam are slid down to the soft section covering the braided part of the boom.  This allows a completely tangle free cast and when the lead hits the water, the foam doesn’t come off, so allowing the lead to feather in







Stiff boom tied to soft section

Sliding float stop

Slide 3 pieces of rig foam down over the soft section

Ready to cast!


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