Bailiff’s report from Molyneux

Carp fishing holidays

Spencer’s 30.15

Here’s Wally’s Molyneux report to 2nd July 2011…

We had three anglers due on the lake in the forthcoming week. They arrived just as Helen and I had finished tidying round and mopping out the shower block and anglers cabin.

The first to arrive were old friends in the shape of Spencer and Yvonne Powell. They had visited earlier in the year and had such a good time had decided whilst here to rebook for June, they have also booked with their good friend Phil to return in September. Real Molyneux fans!

The other two anglers were Lee and his friend Sean from way down in the South West of England… real Worzel country!

After an initial walk round Spencer decided he would fish in the lodge swim, with Yvonne sleeping in the lodge, it made for relaxed evenings together with a chilled bottle of white wine.
The two West country lads headed for the double swim, where they set up their homes for the week where between them they managed to take 8 carp between them during the course of the week. The largest a lovely fish of 31lb’s. Sadly they have not yet sent onto me the pictures and so I cannot post them on here.

Spencer and I had a mooch around his swim during the Saturday and found there to be a bit of weed which was apparently creeping down the shallows toward his swim. We baited up a known feeding area which was as clear as you could want it to be, and Spencer cast out. Over night he lost a fish from the spot due to the weed, In the next twenty four hours this scenario was to be repeated three more times. Both of us were very puzzled by this as the weed was not too bad at all when we baited the area up, so on Monday morning we went out in the boat again to have a look. We could not believe our eyes, where there had been a large clear space the size of a family car was completely weeded over, and the weed between the spot and Spencer’s swim was heavier and thicker weed than it had been and this in only two days. I recommended to Spencer that he try another swim as I felt to try to get fish through the now very heavy weed would have caused possible damage to the fish.

Spencer was quite happy to move being a competent angler fish care and safety is paramount to him as much as it is me.

Whilst Spencer broke camp and packed his kit away, I went out in the boat on my own for a good look at the weed and the extent to which it was growing. To say I was amazed is an understatement. within a week to ten days the weed had gone from being virtually non existent to covering almost half the lake and growing from lake bed almost to the surface over a huge area. Basically Running from Jack’s almost to Social 2, and as far down as the lodge swim on the other side of the island.

I was aware that four years ago the lake had suffered from a weed problem but apparently since then there has been none at all.

Spencer decided to fish the Stones swim, giving him access to open water and also covering the channel. He set up and baited up with his favoured Quest baits.

It was to prove a fruitless first night, but overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday he managed two carp to 24lb 15oz.

Cat fishing holidays

This year’s biggest cat to date @ 44lb

Wednesday night his left hand “channel” rod tore off and after a twenty minute battle landed the largest catfish caught this year at a weight of 44lb’s

After a sort out and tidy up of the swim he cast back out and an hour later the same alarm again and a 31lb 7oz carp landed. Once again he recast, again to the same spot and at 4.30am the rod went again and a 34lb 10oz carp was landed – what a nights fishing.

Thursday night was another quiet one with no fish.

On Friday morning he moved yet again into the Barn Swim, In the early hours of the Saturday morning his left hand rod was once more calling him from his sleep, after a good fight he landed a 30lb 2oz mirror, I shot out as arranged to take the pics that night to give Yvonne a good nights sleep.

Carp fishing holidays


A short while later he lost another good fish at the net when the hook-link parted. then at approx 4.30am he landed yet another thirty at 30lb 15oz. Proof indeed that they like the Ghurka Spice boilies

A good week with great company, look forward to you guys coming back in September. There will be the usual bottle or two of white in the fridge waiting.


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