Beaurepaire Beauty

We received this picture through from Mr Downer who was fishing Beaurepaire as part of a group of six anglers this May.

Beaurepaire is a natural gravel pit of seven acres fed directly by the water table, just 2½ hours from Calais.

Details of your catches: Eleven cats to 49lb, six grass carp to 35lb, thirty one 20’s, twenty three 30’s and seven 40’s.  Biggest was 46lb and one common at 14lb.
Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Most baits worked; Cell, Rajah Spice, Matrix plus, Tigercell and tiger nuts single baits. Snowman and pop ups.
Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Definitely.

46lb Carp from Beaurepaire Angling Holidays

46.01 – Barry Downer

To see the rest of the photos from their trip follow the link – Angling Holidays


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