Big carp and runs?

Stewart asks;  Looking for a runs water with big carp for 6 anglers.  Looking to book for next year.

It really depends on what you class as big carp? Runs waters tend not to have a concentration of 40’s and 50’s.

We have around 35 venues but I’d still genuinely only class around 4 of them as runs waters.  The others offer great fishing but a runs water to me is where you don’t have to try hard, great for novices. and consistent over mostoft weeks of the year. The vast majority of our venues fish well, and  naturally if the angler has a some degree of skill it helps, but there are several that are out and out hard waters where a few runs in the week would be an excellent result. There are so many factors that affect fishing in France just the same as fishing over here, from the weather, water temperature, moon phases to just how much bait the angler in the swim before you has ‘dumped’ when leaving!

Here are several I can immediately think of but there are others…

·         Commons lake – Carp to over 50lbs and a good average stamp.

·         Margot – Big fish water and carp to over 70lbs – fishes well but not an out and out runs water.

·         Vincons – great runs water but carp only up to 40 with the majority being mid to high twenties

·         Old Oaks – great 30’s water normally for 5 anglers only though

The way to judge it is to look at the feedback each week for the lake. Bear in mind anglers go of all standards but remember, whatever water you go to,  it’s not what is claimed is in there… it’s what comes out that counts!

Through our feedback system you can clearly see what people think good or bad. Some lakes stock big carp but if a fish dies even the owner may not know. The ‘oh it’s just not been caught yet! ‘ Is usually a fish of a ‘ red herring’ variety. I can honestly say we review our venues based on what comes out and proof of what went in.

I would be happy to run through a few criteria for you and see what venues fit closely to your requirement – so please feel free to call me if you wish. It can save a lot of time! Hope this has helped!



3 thoughts on “Big carp and runs?

  1. Jon Perkins says:

    Depends on your definitions of “big carp” and “runs water” !
    In order to produce a runs lake, the water must be overstocked to the point where the fish rely on bait for their existance and the competition between the fish means that they are very easy to catch. This situation is the opposite of what is required to produce big carp, so its not hard to see that the 2 things do not go together.

  2. Big Ron says:

    Hi Jon ….although I can see your logic …in my experiance as a big Carp hunter …I can not agree.

    there are many many waters over in France that produce both Big Carp and lots of Runs ….they are out there if you do your home work 😉

  3. Jon Perkins says:

    Hi Ron, as I said it depends on your definitions, to me a big carp is 35lbs+ and a runs lake is 15 runs a day so if you know a lake where i can catch 15 x 35lb+ carp a day I would like to know where it is…….to some people 15 runs a week is a runs lake.

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