Biggest Fish of 2014 at Laroussi

Here’s a list of the biggest fish we’ve seen this year at Laroussi. Despite really up and down weather last year that left a lot of lakes all over France fishing poorly, Laroussi’s tally of big carp remains impressive.

The weights of all species show that Mehdi is continuing to do a fantastic job keeping the lake healthy and that there really must be something in the water!

Biggest Mirror Carp – 71lb 12oz (lake record stands at 76lb)

Biggest Common Carp – 50lb 2oz

 Biggest Catfish – 165lb

Biggest Sturgeon – 73lb

Biggest Ghost Common – 48lb 10oz

 Biggest Ghost Mirror – 51lb

Biggest Zip Linear – 35lb 2oz

Biggest Fully Scaled – 48lb 12oz

Biggest Koi – 23lb

Biggest Tench (and also a world record) – 15lb 4oz

Biggest Crucian Carp – 6lb 3oz

Biggest Grass Carp – 50lb (lake record 52lb)

Biggest Rudd – 3lb 14oz

For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

linear carp fishing in france at Laroussi

35lb 2oz – Paddy Ramsden

carp fishing in france at Laroussi

48lb 4oz 

linear carp fishing in france at Laroussi

15lb 4oz World Record Tench


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