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An extract from the Blog diary of Jake Langley Hobbs;

Good evening for the final time at Salagou…

As I write this sat outside my bivvy, watching another sunset into the red rock hillside, it is with regret that I am calling it a day at Salagou. It is just not happening and it is a feeling being echoed around the lake by most other anglers. One thing I am learning as my journey continues is fishing really is all about timing. May and June have been slow months but I think they always will be on certain waters, when you are trying to catch fish that are spawning, preparing to spawn, or have finished spawning. The temperatures are warmer too, and this in turn adds to the puzzle. On waters of this size the fish could be anywhere, but in actual fact we know we have had fish in the bay we are fishing; they are just not interested in feeding. I actually dived down to check on my baits yesterday. The depth was about 14ft and on the bottom I saw lots of my boilies lying there. One other thing I noticed was tonnes of shells. Small mussels and freshwater clams littered all over the bottom. I actually  picked up a handful and the number of them amazed me. It is obvious what these fish like to feed on and it seems they don’t have to go far to find such an abundant supply of natural food. I may return here one day in the future but it will be in September or October as I think this water will fish more predictably at that time of year.

So where is it next Jake, you might ask? The most obvious place to go from here is the Lot. It is only a short drive up the road and it is somewhere I have always wanted to fish. I am not however heading to the Cabanac area. There is too much written about this popular stretch which in turn attracts the crowds. I am going to a quiet stretch that only a few people venture to. The location will be kept a secret but the blog will be written each day and hopefully there will be some nice fish to put on the blog pages. It does seems a while since I cradled a carp!

There is always the chance that one of my rods may be away tonight, but I have to admit there has been little confidence the last few days. It is not a feeling I like when I fish, but sometimes you just know don’t you! It has by no means been a wasted trip, as you always take something away with you. New skills you may have learnt and normally a few new friends too. Fishing really is one of those sports when it should not dishearten you too much if you don’t catch, after all there is always the next time. Luckily for me that time begins very soon.

Next week when I fish the Lot I have some new company for the week. A guy called Mick Smyth is joining me and I met him at Cassien at Christmas. Mick is a bailiff at a French commercial lake called Cherpont. There are lots of commercial lakes to choose from in France and these can be found on Angling Lines website. Mick actually came out in the boat with me when I caught my second carp of my long session at Cassien. It turned out to be a 24.5kg mirror and I had a lot to thank Mick for, as the weather conditions were very testing at that precise moment. It means in turn, I know I am being joined by fisherman I can trust and if I need to, rely on, and I really hope we both have a good weeks river fishing. I am not going to the Lot with big expectations of lots of carp, as to be honest I came to Salagou with those kind of hopes and it really has turned round and kicked me in the ar*e! I am going to go with the simple frame of mind that an enjoyable weeks fishing will be had and any carp will be a bonus!

The lake is almost flat calm now and apart from the noise from the campers and frogs it is very peaceful. I would love for the silence to be broken later with a bursting run on my ATT alarms, but as I said in the last paragraph, I am just going to enjoy my last night and if a last minute fish does decide to turn up on cue, I will thank my lucky stars!

Jake Hobbs



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