Blue Lake Joins the Fifties Club!

We’ve watched 15 acre French gravel pit Blue lake bubble away with numerous thirties to be had over the years. The lake stepped it up this month and joined the fifties club after this 50lb 7oz mirror was landed last week by Legare Guillaume.

Blue was originally stocked in the 1980’s and then abandoned and left to its own devices until it was re-discovered by Sebastien Vasseur. This, coupled with the fact that the nature of the lake makes it impossible to be netted, means that the full extent of the stock swimming in it’s waters have always been a bit of a mystery!

Other notable catches for Legare included a 40lb 5oz mirror, a 39lb 6oz common and a 37lb 4oz mirror.

Blue Lake Carp Fishing in France

50lb 7oz

Carp Lake in France at Blue Lake

40lb 5oz

More about the lake

Blue Lake is 15 acres and roughly triangular in shape with swims cut into the tree line.  The water is crystal clear and bright blue as it reflects the clear blue skies.

It’s let on an individual or exclusive basis with room for up to 10 anglers (8 if booked non-exclusive). This leaves plenty of spare swims for anyone wanting to move and experience the whole of this intriguing lake.

The lake varies from 3ft at its shallowest running to over 15ft at its South West end.  It’s a fascinating mixture of bars and areas of sand, rocks, gravel, clay and silt – a real maze of features guaranteed to keep anglers happy whilst testing their skills.  The weedy areas tend to be located at the shallow end, in the bays and along the southern bank, providing holding areas for wary carp and giving you areas to stalk them.

For more information follow the link – Fishing France

Blue Lake French Carp Fishing

The bottom end of the lake as seen from Swim 8  


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