Blue Lake’s Summer Clothes

Ian Sweenie’s group went out to Blue lake at the end of May and took some lovely shots of the lake in it’s early summer beauty! 

The lake varies from 3ft at its shallowest running to over 15ft at its South West end.  It’s a fascinating mixture of bars and areas of sand, rocks, gravel, clay and silt – a real maze of features guaranteed to keep anglers happy whilst testing their skills.

“An excellent venue for chilling out while catching some really nice fish.”   Ian Sweenie, May ’13

Blue Lake Fishing France

You can see where the lakes name derives from…

The weedy areas tend to be located at the shallow end, in the bays and along the southern bank, providing holding areas for wary carp and giving you areas to stalk them.

Blue Lake Fishing France

15 acres of water

An avenue of mature trees borders the road which runs around the whole lake.  This gives easy access to the swims and there is parking adjacent to all of them.  The whole complex is fenced and gated.

Blue Lake Fishing France

11 swims cut out into the trees

Blue Lake Fishing France

The lake is roughly triangular in shape

The group  caught around 45 fish between them, using beds of boilies. A couple of examples below…

Blue Lake Fishing France

One of the weeks catches

Blue Lake Fishing France

A pretty impressive Sturgeon

For more information on Blue Lake follow the link – Fishing France



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