Brie’s Beauties

Some really cracking looking carp are coming out of Brie this year. Here’s some of our favourites from last week and Shane Welch’s feedback to go with it…

Holiday date: Sat 17th May to Sat 24th May 2014
Name of customer: Shane Welch
Number of anglers: 3

Details of your catches: What can we say about the week, well what a week it turned out to be especially as fish spawned whilst we were there.  We took 37 fish with a forty plus common and over 17 x 30s with many approaching 40lb. Ian also had a 37lb Grass Carp.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: We caught 95 per cent of fish on s2t steamies from Innovate Baits. Particle wasn’t doing it we found whilst we were there.

Weed is not a issue and fish can be caught both to margins and open water.

Were the facilities what you expected? Shower facilities are very clean but bait fridge could do with being bigger. Take french adapter for you chargers too.
Were you happy with them? Yes

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yes
Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes

General comments: Fish were in immaculate condition and what fighters too. It’s a lovely lake and very quiet. French owner who lives on site doesn’t bother you but pops over to say hello.

Swims are spacious and give plenty of access to all parts of lake however both swims have been stoned up which arnt really carp kit friendly and kit does tend to get covered when it rains. Suggestion would be to bark mulch the swims.

Conclusion a fabulous venue which is well worth a visit. Bailiffs are friendly too.

Carp Fishing in France at Brie

Carp Fishing in France at Brie

Carp Fishing in France at Brie

Carp Fishing in France at Brie

15 acre Brie is booked on an exclusive basis and accommodates up to 4 anglers on the two large double swims which are built out into the water. Set in a Nature Reserve, Brie is tree lined to all but one end, where the view over open fields looks up the driveway to a stunning French country house where the facilities are situated. The lake record is currently 56lb. For more information follow the link – Fishing France


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