My 4 favourite carp fishing knots

Glugged boileCarp anglers need to be able to tie strong and reliable knots in order to successfully land the fish they hook. Now many people get confused by the vast array of knots that are possible in fishing but I use just four knots for virtually all my fishing.


Knotless Knot:

This has now become the universal knot for tying a hook to the hook link in modern carp fishing. It is strong and works for all types of hooklink material. It has the advantage of aligning the hook on the hooklink thus improving the hooking capabilities of the rig. It is called the knotless knot because you don’t actually tie a knot as such. The line is in fact trapped as you thread the ends through the eye. A recent article on the Fishing Magic website gives a nice tutorial on how to tie this essential knot.



A simple and immensely strong knot the Palomar is one I use in a variety of circumstances. You can join line to hooks and swivels with this knot. It obtains it’s strength because it is not a strangle knot and thus does not crimp or pinch the line as you tighten it. Many knots that involve a number of turns can damage the line as they are tightened to bed down. This causes weaknesses that can lead to breakages.



Loop to loop:

Perhaps not really a knot this one, but the figure of eight loop is an immensely strong way of attaching leadcore or other leaders and hooklinks. It also allows for a quick change of end tackle. I was sold on this knot by Shaun Harrison when we were fishing Laroussi. We even had a bet that it would beat any knot we could try in a head to head test. Well it won every test.


Shock Leader Knot:

The shock leader knot or the Mahin Knot I use for attaching a braided shock leader to the nylon main line. This knot has the advantage of being tapered thus allowing an easier passage through the rod rings. The tag ends are also facing backwards which again avoids the danger of them catching in the rings on the cast.


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